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Do You Want the Best Spare Parts for Your Turbine?

A turbine system is always one of the most significant assets to your business. Still, it is one of the most expensive and complex, especially when considering all the different parts to make the whole thing work. 

To get the most out of your investment, you’ll want to keep your equipment up-to-date with routine maintenance and preventative services. By taking good care of your turbine, you can avoid costly mishaps and keep your turbine in prime condition! To learn more about our turbine spare parts and installation services, reach out to us here today!

A short brief of turbine installation

According to the oil and gas power generation industry, turbine installation is a significant investment for companies. The oil and gas power generation industry must consider lots of data from different factors to assess their financial expenditure with accurate results, such as gearbox and blades, stator windings, and bearings. 

A professional group should select these parts to make sure all spare parts are qualified that can work well. We do the best service as turbines spare parts supplier. We sell components through our corporate website.

Importance of turbine engineering in manufacturing the best parts

There are many aspects of turbine engineering that determine that expert engineers’ turbine parts should be of high quality. It is done by providing you with specific steps to implement at each phase of manufacture and identifying problems with manufacturing processes early on. 

If a problem is identified early, you can save time and effort by preventing it from becoming a more significant issue later on. These turbine maintenance services aim to provide highly-skilled people who know what they’re doing and have experience fixing your kind of turbine. 

Turbine Spare Parts

There are a lot of different components that go into turbine maintenance services. The bigger and more expensive your turbine is, the more complex it will be to take care of. For example, suppose you have a large offshore wind turbine. You might need an entire team of turbine engineering systems working full-time to keep everything up and running smoothly.

Here is a list of turbine spare parts available at Prismecs, and their functions are explained in detail:


A gas turbine increases an engine’s power output by forcing extra air into its cylinders. The main components include a compressor, a combustion chamber, and one or more turbine stages. Turbos are also used in many vehicles since they are more efficient than naturally aspirated engines at converting heat energy to mechanical energy.


The compressor is a component of gas turbine engines. It receives ambient air from its inlet, accelerates it to higher velocities and pressures, and delivers it to the combustion chamber. Most gas turbines have both an air supply system and a fuel supply system (and an exhaust system). The compressor supplies high-pressure air for combustion, thereby increasing power output.


All turbine manufacturers have different casing and duct specifications. If you’re looking to replace your casing, you must ensure you’re getting exactly what you need. Suppose a replacement isn’t available directly from your manufacturer. In that case, it cannot be easy to find one that will properly fit within your turbine. We can help you find a replacement of equivalent quality in no time.

Nozzle Guide Vane and Related Elements

Each turbine component has been designed to accomplish a specific task. If one element of your turbine goes out, you could lose money and efficiency. For that reason, it’s essential to make sure every part of your turbine is working correctly before you turn it on. One critical aspect is nozzles guide vanes and related elements. These parts will help get your turbine up and running quickly and efficiently so that you can begin bringing in profits as soon as possible.

Oil Seal

The oil seal is an important part of a turbine, but they’re often taken for granted. If you can see oil or grease seeping from a turbine, that’s a clear indication that it needs maintenance. It may be time to call in experts at turbine maintenance services.

Axial Piston Bearing

You’ll be pleased to know that our company, Prismecs, is your one-stop shop when it comes to axial piston bearing. We stock these parts in a wide variety of sizes and materials, so we can get you what you need quickly and efficiently. As a bonus, all of our products are affordable and made from high-quality materials.

Radial Piston Bearings and Other Valves

A turbine’s valves regulate fluid flow within a turbine and ensure that it continues to perform correctly. Radial piston bearings and other valves aren’t as glamorous as some of their counterparts. Still, they’re essential to making sure your turbine continues to run smoothly. If you need any of these spare parts, you should consider contacting us first. We can help you find exactly what you need and even help with installation or maintenance work if necessary.

Thermostat Housing

The thermostat housing is located on top of your engine. It contains a valve that regulates fluid flow from your radiator to your engine. It allows you to control when and how much fluid gets through. When temperatures are cold, it opens completely. As temperatures warm up, it closes completely. Additional coolant can get into the engine by bypassing the thermostat when needed.

Exhaust Manifold

The exhaust manifold is a pipe that transfers gas from an engine to various components, such as a turbine. These parts are typically made of cast iron and can become damaged over time; they can rust or crack in extreme cases. If you want to prevent your company’s turbine from malfunctioning, you must replace these parts as soon as possible. Here at Prismecs, we have all of your turbine-related needs covered.

Header Flange

The flange is one of the essential parts of turbine installation. It can transfer high pressure, high temperature, and corrosive material. The flange is often used in a steam power station with ample size to transmit hot steam and other fluid. 

The size and function range of the flange is wide. To be widely used in many industrial sectors like the oil & gas industry, electrical generation, power stations, etc., flange has become more important in these fields.

Exhaust Pipe

According to turbine engine experts, an exhaust pipe that is damaged or broken can cause serious engine problems, including being at high risk of breaking down. This can be extremely costly if you rely on your vehicle to get you to work every day. Turbine engineers recommend keeping spare parts on hand because of how important it is to have a working exhaust pipe. With their help, you can fix problems before they become too complex and expensive.

Centrifugal Castings

A turbine’s ability to produce power relies on its blades spinning at a very high rate of speed. Because of their length and size, these blades are made from lightweight but sturdy alloy steel that can withstand high temperatures and vibrations. 

They’re then coated with a special castable wax or epoxy resin that helps to smooth out any imperfections and creates a better surface finish. This process is known as centrifugal casting and is completed using precision die-cast machines or sand molds.

Accessories, Hardware, and Attachments

Some of your mechanical and electrical turbine accessories may wear out or break over time, and it’s essential to be prepared with replacements. Because new attachments are required for different turbines, pay close attention to your buying

Additionally, depending on how many people will be using your turbine at a given time, you may need spare gloves and helmets to go along with your other parts.



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