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Letter to a Cheating Husband for his Betrayal- Infidelity

Needing a letter to a cheating husband means that you are still tied to that tragedy and that even seeing how he sinks into the hole of his misfortune, you accompany him like a shadow of sadness, not seeing or feeling how all your present is collapse before your very eyes. Read goodbye letter to someone who broke your heart.

I hope you find this letter to a treacherous and lying husband in the secrecy of a decision made, far from the intoxicating plea that always surrounds you with meaningless reasons.

But they end up convincing you of a lie that you prefer to see as the truth so that it doesn’t hurt and avoid the sadness that your husband causes you.

Mirages only seek to deceive you, do not allow it, do not fall into their net, and strengthen your decision to seek a farewell for your boyfriend or husband to seal the breakup. Find a painful message to a cheating boyfriend.

Here I leave this letter to my unfaithful husband, traitor, and liar, like an indelible mark of the pain that deceit leaves in a woman, who despite seeing her destruction every day, does not have the strength to abandon a sinking ship taking his will and stifling his self-esteem.

Heartbreaking letter to a cheating and lying husband

This letter to an unfaithful husband is a call of internal sanity to my self-love to wake up from an illusion that has only overflowed with tears my reality with you, I only claim the freedom that I have denied myself, to get away from cancer that eats away at my time and my happiness.

You say you love me, but you have no limits to humiliate me and despise a sincere love that always stains with the sweat you collect from the bodies of other women, perhaps just as deceived and used for the animal purpose of satisfying a sick need for meat like a hungry wolf.

I want to make clear in this message to a cheating husband, the ease with which you lie and cheat to transform a claim into an apology that I always end up giving you, omitting guilt that I have always refused to accept because it is easier than facing my fears.

All this time by your side has passed like a destructive love cycle that always marks a similar ending, where I end up seeing you as the victim and you offended by a reproach that is nothing more than the result of “a jealous, hysterical and crazy woman who imagines movies in his mind and believes them” According to you!

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But deep down this stupid love obsession is just a consequence of not wanting to see a reality that writes pages of pain daily with you.

Where your lie struts like a ghost that in the end I never accept as real, because I was still afraid of it, and that fear only represented having to face the relentless loneliness that today I prefer to have to listen to more of the crap that comes out of your mouth.

I do not justify anything in this letter to an unfaithful husband because only a wretch can trample on the affection, trust, and respect born of a loyal and serious commitment.

Today I realize that this supposed commitment never existed because all dreams and everything built is covered by a mantle of what you mean, the garbage that contaminates everything, that’s why today nothing we had is real, just a mirage of lies and deceit that end up absorbing a relationship weahan sand castle.

The only thing I rescue from you, at this moment when my reason seeks an explanation for an emotional catastrophe that devastated even my desire to believe in love again, is that splendid ability you have to lie.

That subtle and calm way in which you turn deception into a mask that you put on and take off with such ease and without leaving a trace of your betrayal, I recognize that in this you are a master of deceit and infidelity.

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Today in the distance of a toxic love like yours, I write these words for an unfaithful husband and I find the peace of mind to see how empty you are, a man who wallows every day in his dunghill.

You are a pig accustomed to living off all the crap that comes his way, and who cannot value anything good, simply because he does not keep anything good within himself.

I wish that hopefully that mask you always wear, falls off soon due to the weight of guilt and remorse, and is destroyed in a thousand pieces so that you can’t hurt anyone else.

Your infidelity marked me but I can still be happy

I hope to be the last one who suffered locked up in a prison of suffering and infidelity, the misfortune that you bring nailed to your false and dangerous gaze because no being deserves to be close to someone who enjoys and savors the bitter ingratitude of their actions.

I say goodbye in this letter to an unfaithful husband with the pain of knowing that all this time was lost, but with the hope of being able to recover and thus take advantage of the opportunities that life will surely offer me as a wink of confidence to know that everything It will be better while you are away from you.

Here I leave you this letter from a wife to her unfaithful husband, as a reminder of how little of a man you are and as a latent wound, to remind me that this cannot happen again.

From the beginning, the limits are the brake in time, to prevent dependency from becoming the bars that prevent us from continuing on our way, without that annoying need to look at who is with us.



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