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Different ways to use Spend Limit corporate debit cards


At Spend Limit, we know that there’s more to a company’s budget than just the standard corporate card. You might have employees who need a better way to get their hands on your corporate debit card so they can spend it how they want. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to manage virtual or partner payments from third parties. Whatever your needs, there are lots of ways to use Spend Limit corporate debit cards to make any kind of transaction as simple as possible.

Employee travel

In a world where employees are often on the go and having to take time off for personal or family emergencies, it’s important for companies to make sure their travel expenses are being tracked. If you’re not tracking them, it’s easy for your employees to mismanage their budgets and waste money that could be used elsewhere.

Travel expenses can also be a huge source of fraud: when an employee travels with another person or organization at his or her expense (without reporting that fact), he or she is breaking the law by using someone else’s identity without permission—which means they could be prosecuted under several different types of laws including theft by false pretense/fraudulent use/unauthorized use of personal information etcetera…

Temporary contractors

Temporary contractors can be given a Spend Limit corporate debit card. A temporary contractor is someone who works for you, but doesn’t have the necessary credentials to work as an employee of your company.

Temporary contractors can use their Spend Limit corporate debit card to pay for expenses such as rent or car payments, food and gas bills and other essentials. They also have access to online banking services through the app so they don’t have to wait in line at an ATM machine each time they need cash.

Supplier online payments

Spend Limit fuel prepaid card can also be used to make payments to suppliers. Suppliers are often paid online, which makes them quick and easy.

Online payments reduce the risk of fraud because they’re not as likely to fall into the hands of thieves who might steal money from your accounts if you write checks or mail checks yourself. They’re also more secure than checks because they don’t require you to visit a bank branch or post office when paying someone else.

International wire transfers

International wire transfers are an excellent way to transfer money overseas. This method is ideal if you need to make a large deposit or withdrawal, as it’s safer than using your personal bank account and can be done quickly.

The recipient receives the funds in their bank account within 24 hours, which means they’ll have access to their cash immediately after receiving it from Spend Limit Corporate Debit Cards International Wire Transfers.

Virtual card accounts

Virtual card accounts are used by employees to make online purchases. They do not require a physical card, so they can be used anywhere that accepts credit card payments—online, in the store and even at restaurants.

Virtual cards also offer recurring payment options such as automatic monthly deposits into your bank account or payroll deductions from your paycheck.

You can use virtual cards to make one-time payments such as tuition fees or wedding expenses.

Partner payments

Partner payments are the most common type of transaction on a Spend Limit corporate debit card. These are payments made to third parties, such as vendors or advertisers.

You can use your Spend Limit corporate debit card to process partner payments in the same way as normal online transactions: by logging into your account and entering the details of your payment.

Spend Limit corporate debit cards make it easy to control and manage company spending.

Spend Limit corporate debit cards make it easy to control and manage company spending.

With a Spend Limit corporate debit card, you can:

  • Set up your employee’s weekly spending limit on the card at any time from your online dashboard.
  • Track their purchases in real time using our mobile app or online portal.
  • Receive alerts when they go over their maximum purchase amount set by you, so that no more purchases are made until they return to the agreed-upon limit again later in the week or month (or both).


The Spend Limit corporate debit cards are a great way to manage and control your company’s spending. They have many benefits, including the fact that they can be used by employees as well as contractors and suppliers. This means that you don’t have to worry about who will be responsible for paying your bills or what happens if an employee loses their debit card while on vacation!



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