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An unquestionable requirement for anybody going to UAE goes on a desert safari in Dubai once. That’s what we trust “great is superior to very much said.” This is the sort of thing you can tell your loved ones back home. We like it and figure it will merit each penny. During this “ridge slamming” experience, you can partake in the desert view. Whenever you get to a risen camp, you can do things like get your hands painted with henna, watch a hip twirling show, and have a grilled supper.

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Master drivers will take you over sand rises and through the desert to our uncommonly constructed camp, where you can see a customary Middle Eastern Desert camp ranch and eat delectable grilled meats, mixed greens, treats, and beverages. Ridge Slamming in the sand of the desert, a definitive desert camp setting with a bar-b-que supper and live hip twirling, an invigorating, exciting ride in a Land cruiser on the sand of the desert to an astonishing camp set up for a wide scope of exercises.

Trip from Dubai

On this private 6-hour trip from Dubai, you will investigate the UAE desert in an extravagance Hummer H2. Feel like a celebrity on the grounds that our Hummer H2 is only for you. Get a remove from ridge slamming in a Hummer H2 only for your gathering. Hummer H2 is a brand of military-grade trucks. In a Hummer desert safari, our master safari drivers will show you the magnificence of the profound Bedouin deserts while giving you an extraordinary rush.

Take a gander at how delightful the desert is and drive across it in an all-wheel-drive ridge slamming experience. What’s more, you can attempt higher rises assuming that you need a surge of adrenaline! a Preceding going to a genuine Arabic camp, you can partake in a broad perspective of the nightfall. Experience a conventional Arabic greeting with espresso and dates, and find out about the way of life through an assortment of exercises and stimulations. Loosen up in the wonderful Bedouin camp and watch customary moves like Tanura and hip twirling.

Take a camel ride through the sands of the desert. If you have any desire to feel like a Bedouin, get a customary henna tattoo or smoke a shisha pipe. You are free to spruce up in customary garments for a photograph to bring back home. You might in fact get your image taken with a hawk on your shoulder. Toward the finish of the visit, a connoisseur grill of Bedouin food sources will be served under a sky loaded with stars. In this interesting experience, you’ll get to see the desert’s secret magnificence.

Visit on Hummer:

We have reasonable hummer desert safari visit bundles in Dubai that incorporate extravagance conveniences. At last, partake in a nightfall photoshoot on the sand rises, a sandboarding example, henna tattoos, a hawk show, and more at a desert camp. Wrap up with a grill smorgasbord and shows of turning “Tanoura” and hip twirling. Whenever you move to the highest point of this hill, you’ll see an enchanted nightfall on your Hummer Desert Safari. Toward the finish of this visit, you can eat, and we’ll drive you back home in a hummer.


•           Get and drop off from a Dubai inn or home

•           Meeting of Rise Slamming

•           Camel Riding

•           Boarding on sand

•           Arabic tea or espresso with dates as a greeting

•           Arabic garments for photographs and photography of the sun setting

•           Henna Painting

•           Hubby-mate

•           Tanoura Dance and Hip twirl

•           We had a bar-b-que supper at the campground

•           Mainland Smorgasbord

Extra data

•           You can utilize our site’s reserving structure to reserve a spot and pay for them.

•           Seating strategy: Seats are given out in light of accessibility.

•           Kids more youthful than 3 years of age. Desert Safari won’t let pregnant ladies or individuals with back agony or heart issues go on it.

Drop strategy

•           All reserving buys made through this site will be discounted.

•           No crossing out expense assuming you drop seven days before the event date (full Sum Discount).

•           In the event that the visit was dropped somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 schedule days before the event date, you charged a half crossing out expense.

•           if you drop under 3 scheduled days before the visit, you will be charged 100 percent of the visit value (no discount).

•           Assuming you drop the visit on or after the event date, you will be charged a 100 percent crossing out expense (no discount). Read More



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