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Dance therapy: axis of motivation, to the rhythm of music 

  In the present work we intend to open another space in the use of the free time of the people of the area of ​​the Río Potrero neighborhood with the aim of giving more life to their health through the systematic practice of dance therapy and motivating activities that entail to the improvement of various diseases, physical work is carried out in open places fundamentally based on popular and traditional dances, walks, jogging and aerobic exercises, different easy to carry out will allow the improvement of health in these people suffering from various pathologies.

    In our work we hope that the people who attend the area, reduce drug use and the number of crises, that they manage to lead a normal life from obtaining the results obtained in the proposed exercise plan.

    Dance is an expressive modality of the human being,

with which it is achieved in an easy, fun and relaxed way, it provides positive benefits to keep fit at any age, it allows us to have control of our body, disconnect for moments, from the outside world and of problems, helps us smile, enjoy music, taking us to a world full of joys and fantasies. Feeling good and looking your best has never been so much fun.

    The premise is to put aside the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the contagious of fashion, through a beneficial form of physical activity, get to know this new 셔츠룸 revolution.

    Dance therapy is practiced in the form of group courses

that are a mixture of aerobic gymnastics and Latin American dance steps such as salsa, merengue, cha-cha-cha, mambo, guaguanco, Mozambique, guaracha. among others, singing, physical exercise in the middle of a musical environment that allows you to disconnect from daily problems and concerns is an excellent anti-stress therapy, in addition to improving physical condition, certain postures and positive attitudes are very good for self-esteem and overcome shyness

Dance until you get to good health

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Do you think you know how to dance? If you’re not sure, why not give it a try? Dancing is an exciting and social way to exercise your body. From ballroom dancing to salsa, dancing exercises your heart and helps build strong bones and muscles. And since dancing is so much fun, you may even forget you’re exercising.

Other ways to dance

If traditional dance doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to start moving to the rhythm and music. Many health clubs and gyms offer dance classes for exercise, such as Zumba. These classes blend moves from many dance styles to create a vigorous and fun program for people of all skill and fitness levels.



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