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Custom-Printed Boxes – Everything You Need to Know 

The most popular trend nowadays to attract customers to a brand is the Custom-Printed Boxes, which are Known to be the most effective way to boost brand awareness. Custom-Printed Boxes give the personalization of your packaging. That’s why Custom Boxes are so important. You will impress Your customers with your customized boxes due to their gorgeous design and unique attributes.

Ideal Custom Boxes have a variety of Custom-Printed Boxes for products that can increase your product sale. The various types of Custom-Printed Boxes are provided at wholesale prices. They have exclusive and attractive features that you are unlikely to find other than the Custom-Printed Boxes.

Boost Your Sales with Trendy Custom-Printed Boxes:

The Custom Boxes will quickly grab the attention of potential customers and draw them. The first moment they see the product. Imagine that you are confident enough that your item is excellent. Also, you know that it will benefit your customers. Why would you drop your sales by not paying attention to the packaging?

It’s not just about the appropriate shades, colors, or the appeal of Custom-Printed Boxes. It is necessary to understand that your Custom Boxes aren’t just packing your product; they promote it.

You can easily purchase these Custom-Printed Boxes with the ideal shape and size. However, if someone doesn’t take one of the aspects into consideration. You will not be able to promote your product efficiently. Thus, to help you increase your sales, boost your sales, grow your business and retain your customers.

Custom-Printed Boxes, including logos, have a unique position in the marketplace:

Because boxes that don’t have logos hold no importance in the marketplace, customers don’t feel compelled. To buy them since an excellent brand doesn’t manufacture them. The logos you print on your packaging will boost your item’s sales. They can also increase the percentage of sales for your company’s brand. The Logo design you choose to use should look appealing. It should also convey significance. If you create a Logo’s design unnaturally, it will make a dull appearance. Customers will not purchase your product. Branding can affect the design and build of your product. So, it is vital to ensure that your Logo reflects the ideal image of the product. Customers can determine whether they’d like to purchase your product by simply seeing your Logo.

Types of Printing for Custom Boxes

Direct printing or Flexography:

Direct flexographic printing is the simplest and cheapest form of corrugated printing. In this type of box printing, you apply the entire image or graphic directly to the box’s surface. Direct printing is very cheap and can be used for various applications. It provides a good quality finishing, and being frugal doesn’t mean it lacks in giving the final quality product. Whether you need it for a small or large number of presses runs, the price will be relatively low and in range. It provides three color choices one, four, or six. You can choose any number of graphics for your packing. The better-corrugated material you use, the better print quality you will achieve.

Screen printing:

Screen printing is another well-known printing technology. This printing methodology works with the help of a screen mesh which forces ink with a special injector. The screen mesh works in a combination of stencils to put ink at the suitable pixels where it needs to be painted while saving other surface areas. Screen printing is a relatively good method of making a branded impression with the help of packaging. It provides more accurate, up-to-the-mark, and shining colors and easily fits any layer. This printing methodology has been trending, keeping in mind its high quality. But with so many benefits, screen printing is also costly in comparison to Flexography. The quality and overall finishing, however it provides, is also superb.

Lithography, Lithe lamination, or offset:

It is known as an offset because both the upper methods of box printing directly print on the surface. An offset printing machine prints the desired design onto the box in lithography or lithe lamination. The design is first coated with the liner board. Afterward, this coated liner board is laminated onto customized boxes. The final step now is to die-cut the box into its final shape. Lithography is the most widely used approach. Also, people believe in keeping its charm in the upcoming years.

Digital printing:

As it seems evident from its name, digital printing is all about printing high-quality images, graphics, and designs on Custom Boxes using digital techniques. Digital technology is the cheapest yet most quality-oriented methodology and gives final high-end products.


The last one but not the least printing technology is rotogravure or simply gravure. The process of offset printing and Flexography is the same. The main difference is that the rotary printing press is offset and direct. While, rotogravure uses a cylindrical media for laminating the image onto the printing surface.



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