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A Beginner’s Guide to using Instagram to promote business

A Beginner’s Guide to using Instagram to promote business

Did you know that there are more than a billion click here users active on Instagram across the globe? Of those, around 90% of them follow more than one company. Additionally, 50% said they’re more interested in a particular brand if they see an advertisement related to it on Instagram.

In all reality, it would be foolish not to use Instagram for your business by 2022.

How do you accomplish this? We’re here to help. This article will examine the four steps you can take to use Instagram to build your brand and expand your business this year.

1. Establish your own Instagram business account

First, you must establish a company account. If you’re not using Instagram, you could start by starting from the beginning. If you have a statement that you’d like to use, you can change it into a business account with not too much hassle.

It’s a good idea to ensure that your Instagram handle and name represent your business name. So, if your account does not reflect this, you may want to create a brand new account to represent your brand.

It is also important to ensure that your Instagram name aligns with other social media accounts to ensure consistency and establish a brand’s identity.

2. Improve your profile to attract your business

After you have an account for business, it is essential to maximize this for the best performance. However, there’s only limited space for this with an Instagram profile, and you must make sure you’re doing it correctly.

They include:

  • Write a concise but clear description of your business. It should be 150 characters or less, with lines breaks and emojis when appropriate, and should consist of a CTA
  • Incorporate the link to your business’ website in the bio
  • Add any other pertinent contact information, as long as space is available
  • The choice of a suitable profile picture. Many businesses opt to use their company logo for their profile image because it helps build brand awareness and can be easily recognized.
  • In addition, you can add story highlights and cover. Examples of this could include images of your product.
  • In addition, configure action buttons if required. This is only applicable to service-based companies since it permits customers to book or reserve appointments.
  • Note:

If you accomplish all of these or at the very least as much as you can, you can build an optimized Instagram page for a business that is user-friendly and could assist you in gaining more followers and, in the end, increase the number of customers.

3. Create an Instagram strategy

Inputting together an effective strategy for Instagram for your company, There are some actions you must take.

The first step is to determine your intended audience. This can be done by:

Identifying who has already purchased from you

Monitoring your statistics on other social media platforms to determine the people who are your current followers and their demographics

Conduct some online research on other companies and brands that are in your field

Knowing your audience’s needs helps you be in a better position to develop content. The next step is to look at the types of content your current customers publish and interact with and consider these insights when creating your content strategy.

The second step is to establish your goals and goals. This could include ways to increase your following or decide if you should run paid ads and how often you do it, or perhaps a collaboration with influencers via the platform.

After you’ve decided on the goals you’d like to accomplish; you can put a calendar of content in the right spot and begin to post.

Finally, you’ll need to keep track of your metrics for the posts you’ve already posted. This will allow you to adjust your Instagram method regularly to achieve the most optimal outcomes.

4. Start sharing the content of high-quality

With a plan and a calendar of content, You can now start to develop and share top-quality content that your intended users will appreciate. Keep in mind that to the extent that Instagram is about beautiful images. However, it would be best to take care when writing the captions you use and your hashtags.

It’s recommended to select a theme for your profile, such as always sticking to a particular color scheme or photo. This will create consistency and make your profile appear more attractive visually.

Of course, you’ll need to ensure that your content is pertinent to the people you’re targeting. If you’re a clothing retailer, it is possible to share photos of your items. You can then use the captions to promote new styles, designs, and sales.

It is possible to look up the other brands in your area to inspire you. Be careful not to duplicate their style.

To help you take images that are sure to earn your likes, comments, as well as shares, we’ve included a few helpful tips below:

Utilize natural light as much as possible, and avoid harsh lighting that could make your photographs too dark or unfocused.

Make sure to keep your brand’s message in mind always to ensure your photos always match and complement your branding

Explore various angles, like sitting down or crouching on an object to climb higher

Sometimes, simplicity is what’s important. If you can create stunning images but visually simple to see, that’s all you need to earn a “like”

Utilize editing tools to correct the brightness, contrast, colors, and other issues. There are many free and paid-for tools that you can utilize

5. Create engaging captions

Additionally, it would help if you made engaging captions for your images. They can provide insight and provide a narrative about your company’s image. Further, you could blog about new offerings or sales, post-meet your team’s portfolios, or add a simple caption that is clear and concise.

It is also advisable to study the most appropriate hashtags for your brand or your company. This will allow you to reach the right audience. It is possible to do this by looking through similar profiles and using specially developed tools that can aid you in creating the most appropriate hashtags to maximize impact.

Make your captions unique, and, over time, you’ll be able to examine them against each other to determine what your readers prefer. For instance, are they drawn to long captions that tell a story, or do they choose three words to keep them engaged?

Are you prepared to get the most out of Instagram?

Once you’ve got your company account in place, you’re ready to start posting excellent content on Instagram immediately. Be sure to improve your profile to the maximum extent you can to make it easier for your viewers to locate you and boost your visibility online.


With a great strategy for content as soon as possible and following our suggestions above, make sure you’re sharing content that the audience would like to interact with. Make sure you are more active than you can with your Instagram accounts this year, and you might be amazed by the speed at which you can see the results.



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