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Choose the Right Box Manufacturer for Your New Product


Packaging is an essential part of any organization, regardless of industry. Several luxury brands, such as cosmetics, jewellery, or gadgets, use attractive packaging to enhance their product’s value. With this in mind, there are a lot of box manufacturers in the UK that offers the best box and packing services at a reasonable price.

From a marketing perspective, we understand the law of attraction, which states that the more attractive the package is, the more attention it attracts. And, to accomplish this, your packing must be of the highest possible quality. In this article, we will discuss the several types of box packaging available. We’ll also provide you with a list of some of the best cardboard box manufacturers to pick from.

Different types of cardboard boxes

You can find cardboard boxes in different shapes, sizes, colours and materials at varying rates. However, we’ve divided the various types of cardboard boxes into the following two groups:

1. Presentation Boxes

These boxes are most typically seen in department store displays and at product launches for high-end, premium brands. A thicker cardboard material, such as Grey Board paper, is used for presentational box packaging. It’s a 100% recycled material that’s been compressed into a strong board using recycled fibres. These boxes can withstand heavy loads without quickly bending or losing their shape.

One of the most important features of presentation boxes is that most of them allow you to partially open the packaging and see the actual product inside without breaking the seal. Another noteworthy characteristic of these custom boxes is that they may be customised to meet your specific needs. You can order them in whatever form, colour, or style you like. The following are some of the typical presentation box packaging design variations:

  • USB, gift card, credit card or membership card packaging
  • Hinged Lid grey board packaging box
  • Lift-off lid packaging box
  • Slide-open packaging box

2. Corrugated Boxes

These boxes are better suited to brands that are less expensive but more functional. You can easily find corrugated boxes almost anywhere, for instance, pizza boxes, shipping boxes, egg cartons, or even electronic appliances packaging. Corrugated boxes are also available in a wide range of forms and sizes. Most box manufacturers offer clients box screen printing services.

Some of the most commonly seen variations of this type of box packaging are:

  • Promotional Box
  • Monthly Mailing/subscription box
  • Food packaging box

What factors to consider before choosing a packaging box

You must have a clear concept of what you’re searching for when quoting your requirements to a box manufacturer. You must describe the box’s quantity, design, and variation to them. The cost and budget you specify for your product packaging have a direct impact on all of these elements. A box manufacturer would most likely charge you for the four primary components of a box, i.e.

  • Material
  • Construction
  • Printing
  • Overhead

You can efficiently handle some of the budgeting if you place orders in bulk. For example, if you save a significant amount of money on box material, you can invest that money in higher-quality printing.


There are a variety of box manufacturers and packing box designs to choose from on the market. You may easily choose any box type, box material, and package provider firm based on your goods, requirements, and budget.



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