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Choose the Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

Underlayment is the thick but flexible layer that is put under the floor before installing the tiles or other related material. It comprises a resilient material that can absorb energy, which results in the strengthening of the floor as well. You don’t need to spend money again and again on the maintenance of your floor underlayment.

Besides strengthening, you can also observe the cut down on sound transmission, the increased ability of the floor to repel heat, and many others. That’s why the proper selection of underlayment is necessary.

If it is said that the durability of the flooring depends upon the underlayment, it would not be a wrong statement. Sometimes individuals are in the doldrums at the time of choosing the best underlayment for the laminate flooring in Dubai but don’t worry, this article is going to zero out your issue.

Best Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

For better guidance for the readers, we have discussed a list of the best underlayments for laminate flooring below. The logic behind the presentation of more than one option is that if a person dislikes an idea, the other should be used as an expiator. Let us see what the best underlayments for laminate flooring are.

Concrete Subfloor

At the time of installing laminate flooring, the option of a concrete subfloor is the best. The main reason behind the installation of the concrete subfloor is to save the laminate from the dreadful repercussions of moisture. The concrete subfloor is the best armor against moisture that does not allow the water to reach the main floor or save it from spoiling. 

Plywood Subfloor

The plywood subfloor is put on the floor before installing the laminate flooring for its safety and strength. It is also famous for its breathable foam-type underlayment. Though this sort of subflooring has some positive outcomes, it is not suitable for moisture-prone areas. The reason is that wood can only operate well in the open air. If it is fixed under the laminate flooring, especially in the wet areas, then different molds will grow on the floor.

If you are fond of plywood subflooring, then first use some vapor barriers to prevent humidity. There are multiple sorts of underlayment products that can be used at the time of the selection of plywood subfloors for laminate flooring.

Standard Foam Underlayment

It is a thick surface that is made with foam material and placed as a cushion between the subfloor and the laminate floor. It is the most popular sort of underlayment that can be put down at the time of laminate flooring installation on a plywood or OSB subfloor.

Like plywood flooring pure, it should not be used in moisture-prone places because of the absence of vapor-resistant attributes. 

Combination Foam Underlayment

The role of this sort of flooring is obvious from its label. It comprises a standard foam and a water-repellent layer that is helpful in saving your floor from the drawbacks of water. This is popular in the installation of laminate flooring rather than having high pricing plans.

It is suitable for both concrete and plywood subfloors. Like other sorts of underlayment for laminate flooring, it can not get damaged by humidity, so you can install it anywhere.

Cork Underlayment

If you want mental relaxation, then cork underlayment is the best option because of its noise reduction capabilities. People mostly prefer it in the study rooms or in the bedrooms, where quietness is required. Laminate flooring creates noise when people walk on it, but cork underlay can reduce it.

Like combination foam underlayment, it also has very high pricing plans. Usually, the cost shoots up to 50%. It can not work as a cushion like other underlayments in laminate flooring. The major advantage of cork underlayment is that it is helpful in leveling the two unequal floors. It has antimicrobial features as well.


To cut a long story short, underlayment is vital at the time of installing laminate flooring. The main reason for its usage is to keep the floor from the catastrophe of water. Strengthening the floor is also an affiliated purpose. Besides this, quietness, leveling of the floor, and others are also pros of underlayment that can be enjoyed.

You can enjoy these benefits through the concrete subfloor, plywood subfloor, standard foam underlayment, combination foam underlayment, cork underlayment, and some others. If you install these underlayments, then your laminate flooring will be more reliable and durable.



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