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Chewy Gift Cards: Everything You Need To Know

Chewy eGift Cards are perfect for celebrations of birthdays, special occasions, and occasions. The best way to thank a friend for embracing a pet is with a chewy gift certificate. Additionally, creature havens can use eGift Cards to acquire necessities. Give Chewy as a gift to all the furry friends who make your life better!

Information about e-gift cards

By purchasing an eGift Card, you agree to our Chewy Gift Card Terms & Conditions. Soon after you make your request, the recipients of the eGift Cards will receive a message. eGift Cards don’t have expiration dates or hidden fees. Per request, one chewy gift certificate may be recover.

eGift Cards cannot be return, discount, or exchange for cash unless absolutely necessary by law. You cannot buy eGift Cards using Gift Cards, limits, or special offers. Use eGift Cards to make purchases on the Chewy website and various applications. The guarantor is Chewy Promotions, LLC.

The Chewy Gift Card Rules

By purchasing, accepting, or using the Gift Card, you agree to the following conditions: Simple Terms The chewy gift voucher is guaranteed by Chewy Promotions LLC (“CPL”), the primary party at risk to the Gift Card owner. appropriated by Chewy, Inc. (“Chewy”).

The terms of use for Chewy Inc., which include a mediation agreement, are available and apply to both purchases and use. The terms and conditions for Chewy Gift Cards are subject to change without notice and at CPL’s discretion.

Also known as “Chewy Gift Cards,”

Gift voucher, “Gift vouchers,” “chewy gift voucher,” or “Chewy Gift Cards” together refer to physical or plastic gift vouchers, other store value cards, electronic gift vouchers (sometimes known as “eGift Cards”), or other computerised store value cards.

Taking back Gift Cards

Redeemable at Chewy by citizens of the neighbouring United States for labour and goods. Gift cards cannot be purchase with restrictions or special offers, and they are not eligible for Autoship. Present Cards cannot be use to purchase other gift cards or items having a similar retail value. Only one gift certificate may be used per request.
Except for promotional cards, which expire on the date specified on the card’s face, in its image, in the email that comes with the gift card, among other places, chewy gift cards never expire.

Free Chewy Gift Cards are available.

Any gift certificate is free of costs. Gift certificates cannot be redeem for cash unless specifically permit by the applicable state’s law. records cannot exchange gift certificates. Any purchases that are more significant than the balance of your Gift Card should be make using that amount.

Limitations On Purchasing Chewy Gift Cards

The maximum value of each Gift Card is $2,000, and no one person may purchase more than $10,000 worth of Gift Cards in a single calendar day. Unused Gift Cards cannot be exchange.

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You can use the original Gift Card, another Gift Card, or a plastic Gift Card to make any payments you initially made with it. Purchases made using Present Cards are based on the current online or in-store product exchanges.

Gift Cards From Chewy Cannot Be Reload

However, gift cards cannot be reload, swap, used outside of www.chewy. com for cash, or use by any third parties in connection with advertising, public relations, or other temporary activities. They must be given as gifts to friends, relatives, and coworkers.

Check Your Account Carefully To See The Gift Card Balance

Examine your account. You have two options for checking your gift card balance: either go to your record, where all gift cards link to your Account will be list along with their absolute adjustments, or call Customer Service at

Discounts Following the Activation of Your Chewy Gift Card

Discounts Once you’ve started using your gift card, you can’t return or drop it. If you return the defective item(s) or the order was generally cancel prior to shipment and you receive a Gift Card as a result of the advancement, may cancel the special Gift Card or deduct the value of the temporary Gift Card you receive from the amount that was discount to you after returning the item.

E-gift certificate A Loss Or Theft

If an eGift card burglary or other unfortunate event occurs, you should assume that your gift certificate has been copy or stolen right away. Gift Cards cannot be replace without a receipt in the event that they are stolen or lost. The remaining balance on a stolen or lost Gift Card must be replace with a replacement Gift Card.

Gift certificates should be protect since they have monetary value. Special cards won’t ever be replace.

Concerning the Privacy Policy

Any private information that you give to Chewy, Inc. while buying or using a Gift Card is subject to the Chewy Privacy Policy. Unlucky Prospects Possession and the risk of misfortune transfer to the buyer when sends a Gift Card to the beneficiary email address specified by the buyer.

Gift cards that are misplace, stolen, or deceive are not the responsibility of CPL or Chewy. The purchaser shall provide the beneficiary with an accurate and up-to-date email address.

Please contact customer service for gift cards

Customer service for gift certificates If you need assistance. With any aspect of your purchase, ownership, or use of your gift card, kindly contact or email. Include your request number or, if it’s not too much bother, make your email address available.

Information On Delivery And Requirements For Buyers Of Gift Cards

If you have any questions about your request or the delivery of a you have purchased. Please phone or write an email, if it’s not too much trouble. Please make use of your request number or have your email address handy. CPL and are not responsible for gift certificates that cannot be deliver or are not receive because you fail to provide the intend recipient with a precise email address.

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