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Calming Aquamarine Home Feng Shui for Turquoise and White Interiors

Our homes should be a sanctuary – a place to enjoy spending time in and a place you feel most comfortable and relaxed. A home should invoke feelings of peace and serenity. So, what’s the best way to infuse a home with positive energy? Feng shui is a good place to start. 

Feng shui, commonly referred to as Chinese geomancy, is an ancient technique used to harness energy forces in order to balance people with their surroundings. Feng shui is a Chinese phrase that literally means “wind and water”.  This idea was originally inspired by an ancient poem that spoke of the intertwining of human life and the need to move with the environment, as opposed to against it. Feng shui considers the natural orders and systems of nature so that humans can live more peacefully and in tune with the world around us. Feng shui has its origins in Taoism and Buddhism, However, it remains relevant to cultures and civilizations around the world today.

Tranquil Spirit Feng Shui Aquamarine Stone Tree

This crystal gem tree is  a tiny tree composed of numerous semi-precious stones and crystals. It is advised to place it  in the southeastern corner of the house to boost luck and generate wealth. You can also put it in the northwest area of the house to help enhance and grow careers. Aquamarine gemstones have been prized for their dazzling blue, precious beauty for centuries. They are, however, much more than just a gleaming stone –  this fascinating gemstone has a wide range of advantages and applications. It is said to heal emotional traumas, relieve stress, and instill a sense of peace in the soul. Aquamarine is even believed to help treat illness, purify water, and relieve allergies; all attributes that make this stone the perfect addition to any home. 

8 Inch Aquamarine Copper Tree with Fluorite Geode Base 

Karma and Luck is a meaningful, spirit-centered modern lifestyle collection of jewelry and home decor inspired by the timeless traditions of eastern cultures. Crafted with powerful gemstones, crystals, and symbols to awaken deeper awareness, we hope to empower our customers and help them to manifest their wildest dreams. 

Life has been far from easy for many these past couple years and the need for tranquility and positivity is more important than ever..  It is important to remember that our outer environments can greatly affect our inner environment. Creating a positive space to live and work in can greatly assist in promoting serene vibes and can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and nerves.h During these challenging times, it is more important than ever to take care of your spiritual and mental health, and this aquamarine tree can help do just that. 

Feng shui is the Chinese practice of organizing & arranging things in a way that encourages the flow of peace and positive energy. Every home may benefit from a little more serenity in these difficult and unpredictable times. Karma & Luck, as  a purposeful, spirit-driven  line is constantly inspired by the ancient customs of eastern civilizations. We offer handcrafted jewerly made of all-natural crystals, stones, and icons to help our customers awaken to a deeper consciousness and actualize their greatest desires. With a special interest and affinity for feng shui, our trees of life were created to be potent alchemists for positive transformation.  The Trees of Life, also referred to as Feng Shui Trees, are lovingly and thoughtfully handcrafted in the far east and are created with the intention of  assisting you in the manifestation of your dreams and desires, as well as creating calm, peaceful environments perfect for unwinding, relaxing, and inspiring. 

Balance Harmony Multi Stone Chakra Feng Shui Tree of Life 

The “Balance & Harmony – Multi Stone Chakra Feng Shui Tree” is unique to say the least. This tree is made out of semi-precious stones like clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, sodalite, aquamarine, aventurine, and a white crystal base. Incorporating various gemstones enhances the beauty of this feng shui tree and provides numerous benefits. This one, single tree, retailing at $1,159, is capable of providing a lifetime of healing and positivity. 

Aquamarine has a wide range of applications, many of which are connected to transparency and interaction. This stone is regarded as a gemstone of courage, and it aids people in overcoming communication-related fears.. According to crystal healers, aquamarine assists in staying calm and not getting too overwhelmed. Aquamarine gemstones also provide physical health benefits like the  treatment of sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid issues. 

Where to Place this Colorful Tree

A crystalline gem tree is a miniature tree composed of numerous semi-precious stones and crystals. This would be the feng shui guarantee of riches. For maximized benefit, this tree should be placed in the southeast part of the house to boost luck in wealth and abundance. You can also put it in the northwest area of the house to help advance careers. 

Live, organic plants emit ‘yang’ energies and therefore should not be kept in the bedroom, as this energy is lively and energetic; and would prevent a good night’s sleep. Artificial flowers and plants can be utilized, but only if they are dusted regularly. Many feng shui practitioners dislike artificial plants because they collect dust quickly, resulting in clutter and bad stagnant chi. A better option is the crystal tree of life, which can be easily cleansed and dusted.

The southeast sector is in charge of riches. To take advantage of both these benefits, riches and growth, here are some ideas:

• The wood element can be used for more than just furniture. and-carved figures can be placed on shelves or decorative wall carvings can be hung on the wall. Create a cluster of wooden decorations on an eastern or southeastern wall or area if you choose.

• As water nourishes wood and encourages development, a countertop water fountain in any sector is appropriate.

• To bring chi spirit to this area, place a Wu Lou, gourd-shaped table light signifying longevity,  in the eastern sector of the home.

• The Karma and Luck gemstone trees of life are beautiful decorations that will support both riches and growth.

Are You Ready To Feng Shui Your Home? 

Feng shui concepts and symbolism can be used in various ways while designing and rearranging the home. Choose items that represent energies and attitudes that you wish to instill into your home and family. Incorporate elements of nature, to bring balance and grounding into the space and be aware of certain placements that encourage a more postive flow of energy. Try it out and you will be amazed at  how much these feng shui modifications and suggestions can assist in creating a more mindful and peaceful home. Earth, fire, wood, water, and metal are the five essential elements of feng shui, and one should try to incorporate each element throughout the rooms of the home to encourage balance. For example, wood can be incorporated with the placement of Karma and Luck’s feng shui crystal trees or painting an accent wall blue to incorpate the water element.



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