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how To Get Verified On Facebook And Get More Engagement

How can I verify my Facebook Page?

Even if a page for a business meets the criteria, Facebook often denies the verification (Buy YouTube Subscribers UK) request. Here are a few most common reasons you might be rejected and the best way to fix things up.

1. There’s a problem with the documents you’ve provided

The documents you’ve submitted might contain a few errors that hinder you from being verified.

For example, your document may:

It is not an acceptable type. Learn more about uploading legitimate documents here.

Create a self-filed document: Facebook requires documents with an official seal or signature.

It may be blurry, low-resolution or expired, inaccessible, or damaged. Make sure that you’ve scanned your document with high resolution.

Don’t include your full business address.

If you speak a language that isn’t supported, it will be rejected.

Facebook verification request form – supported languages

Source: Facebook

2. Your business’s information doesn’t match the information you have on file.

Paying attention to the smallest details is the keyword for the sport.

For example, your request could be denied if the company name on the Facebook Business Settings is different from the name on the documents you’ve submitted. If that’s the case, make sure that your business name is updated in your Business Settings or submit a new document with the name of your business that matches that of Your Business Settings.

Keep these things in your mind:

website for your business and the email domain should match.

Your website should display your company’s name and logo.

Your company name must be included in the submitted documents. For instance, it will be rejected if the utility bill isn’t accompanied by the company’s name or the business name.

The documents you submit must include the address of your business’s headquarters and the business telephone number.

5 ways to increase your chances of being verified on Facebook

Here are some of the best practices that can increase your chances of being verified by Facebook.

1. Create a profile that is complete, and make sure you post frequently

It is essential to complete your Facebook profile completely. This means you should have an image of your profile and cover photo, a comprehensive About section, a link to your business’s official site and your mission, contact information, etc. Make sure you leave nothing unfilled.

Make sure your account is active by regularly posting. If you only post weekly, you should be posting regularly; Facebook likely won’t bother checking your account.

2. Be clear about the business’s need for confirmation

The more convincing the argument you create to get the blue badge, the more likely you will get approval. Check out the examples we discussed earlier. In essence, include a clear explanation in the application form on why you think the checkmark is a win-win for your company and Facebook users.

3. Discuss your brand’s inclusions in well-known publications.

Have you seen your company featured in any of the important publications? Have you recently seen a top company official appear in a story published by an established publication? Are you frequently mentioned or mentioned on Facebook?

If yes, include these details in your application form to get your approval.

4. Be aware of the additional requirements for certain accounts.

Although this won’t affect the verification of your business account, It’s a good idea to be aware of Facebook’s additional security requirements for police agencies and city governments, politicians, and elected officials.

Facebook confirmation request forms – required for various account types (law enforcement or politicians, governments,)

Source: Facebook

5. Make sure your Facebook profile is professional and current

To ensure that Facebook immediately recognizes your account as a legitimate candidate for verification, your profile must be an official and authentic representative of your brand.

Make sure you publish content that is on your brand and remove everything that can negatively impact your credibility, for instance:

Logos that are not brand-related, personal posts, or images of poor quality

Posts that have poor spelling, grammar, and copy that is not professional

Content that isn’t in line with the tone of your brand

Check your website’s Page with an eye of a prospective customer. Update or remove any content that appears odd.

How to remain verified on Facebook

When you earn the hard-earned blue badge, the last thing you’ll want to take it off is to dispose of it.

Be sure not to commit anything that is listed below, which may cause your verification status to be removed (and your account may even be deleted or suspended):

False or misleading details during the verification process

Infractions to any specific industry guidelines which are included in the agreement for grant verification

Violating Facebook’s Terms of Service or Community Standards

Additionally, don’t be a part of any company that claims to offer you an authentic badge. Facebook does not sell verified badges. Any Page or profile that is found to be doing this will be removed (Buy YouTube Views UK) from Facebook badges according to the help Centre.

Important facts to know about Facebook verification

If you’re also looking to be authenticated on Instagram (an owned by Facebook), The process is similar.

Instagram verification form screen

Source: Facebook

linked your Facebook page with your Instagram account

If a Facebook page linked with your Instagram account has already been verified, you’ll be required to verify Instagram independently. Suppose you do not possess the checkmark blue that Instagram has on Instagram. In that case, it is possible to connect to your Instagram profile on your personal Facebook profile to inform friends know that the account is genuine.

If you are unable to be verified even after multiple attempts, or you’re not yet certified, here are a couple of ways to demonstrate your website’s authenticity:

  • Use the description of your bio to inform people about who you are.
  • Utilize Stories to provide the inside look of your company.
  • Invite your followers to follow you on Twitter to follow your brand-name interactions.
  • Connect to your Facebook or Instagram account via the official site, YouTube channel, or Twitter account.
  • The time to verify
  • Facebook analyzes many aspects when confirming accounts. However, making a request does not ensure a green tick even when you’re eligible for verification.

But, in light of the credibility of the badge, its social proof, and other advantages associated with it, it’s worth taking a look.

Have you had the verification of your Page verified? What time did it take you to obtain the coveted badge?

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