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Bhrigu Lake Trek


The Bhrigu Lake walk is popular among hikers because of the lake’s rich mythology. This heavenly lake gets its name from the fabled sage Bhrigu. According to myths and local legends, the great sage Bhrigu meditated close to the lake. This walk can be reached via Gulaba and is located in Himachal Pradesh about 20 kilometers north of Manali. You may get a fair idea of the meadows, glacier lakes, and mountain views that Himalayan treks provide by taking this four-day hike. Despite being a short hike, it goes to the intimidating altitude of 14,000 feet, giving you the thrill of a climb as well. It is an excellent hike for novices or families wishing to enjoy the wilderness because it is accessible from Manali. This expedition or starting point will be ideal if you wish to explore some uncharted pathways. You will fall in love with the area’s natural splendor on the Bhrigu Lake trip as you take in some magnificent views of the Seven Sisters Peaks, Hanuman Tibba, etc.


We think that the walk offers more than just the lake. The grasslands of the Bhrigu Lake trip are a must-do. In our nation, it often takes at least a day or two of hiking inside the treeline to reach an alpine meadow. There are two or three days of difficult climbs involved. This is because the majority of alpine meadows begin at a height of about 11,000 feet above the treeline. On the Bhrigu Lake trip, the meadows spread widely and appear to go on forever. Around you, wild horses rush. When you emerge from the treeline, the sheep that are grazing glance up almost as if to say “hello.” You can see the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains dominating the skyline from these grassy knolls. The meadows are with you the entire way through the walk, all the way to Bhrigu Lake, albeit they fluctuate in texture, shape, and color. This is what distinguishes the trek. It’s a unique opportunity to access such alpine meadows the entire way during a hike. 

About Trek

Bhrigu Lake is conveniently accessible from Gulaba and is about 22 kilometers from Manali. The majority of high-altitude glacial lakes are challenging to reach and may need many days of hiking before you even catch a glimpse of the lake. However, there are no such issues with Bhrigu Lake, and after trekking through lovely alpine meadows, you will soon reach the lake. It is because of its easy grade, Bhrigu Lake draws a lot of trekkers both novices and experts and anyone with a basic level of fitness may easily accomplish the walk. 

On the second day of the trip, you will arrive at the picturesque glacial lake, where you may sit and take in the peace of the natural surroundings. Because the lake is so high up, there will be clouds floating all around you, creating the ideal environment for rest and renewal. While the lake is mostly frozen throughout the year, you can see it in its blue-green color in the summer.

The Manali, Gulaba, and Solang valleys may also be seen from above the lake. The Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar Range can be seen as you enter the meadows, and peaks in the Hampta Valley including Indrasan and Deo Tibba can be seen from the Panduropa side. The Hanuman Tibba Peak, Friendship, Shetidar, Gyapancho, Chandrabhaga Peak, and more are located on the other side.

Best time to visit

Your garden in the sky is here. You may view the meadows at their lushest green from July through September. Wildflowers can be found everywhere. 


Bhrigu Lake is a well-known Himalayan destination with a slice of nature’s opulence for all types of people with different kinds of tastes. It is a high-altitude alpine lake trek. This area is a tranquil refuge full of unexpected natural wonders, beginning with the lush green meadows, views of snow-capped mountains, vast skyscapes, vivid flowers, and a hint of spirituality. This 4-day walk will not stop surprising you along the road if you’re searching for a quick fix of amazement. Every season brings a new hue to this lovely lake.This lake in Himachal is originally emerald green in hue, but in the late summer it becomes blue, enhancing the beauty of the lake.. The Pool of Gods is another name for Bhrigu Lake. A simple walk in Himachal Pradesh is to Bhrigu Lake. One of Himachal’s most stunning treks can be found there. For trekkers who are just starting, this is the ideal route. This hike may be completed by anyone, regardless of previous trekking experience. 



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