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Best Ways to Sign into Hotmail Account in the New Outlook

Hotmail is one of the oldest email addresses still in use today, having been founded in the mid-90s. Microsoft’s Outlook now handles all Hotmail accounts, so it is no longer a separate webmail service. Users are wondering if Hotmail is still in existence and if it will continue to function in the future as a result of this. Using this guide, you can retrieve an inactive Hotmail account, create a new username, delete it, and change a Hotmail email address to a new Outlook email address.

What Happened to My Hotmail?

Because so many people still use it, Hotmail isn’t going anywhere. In the same way that Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo all have a great reputation, so too does this new service. Outlook, Skype, OneDrive, Office 365 and even the Windows Insider Program can all be used with a outlook live com login Email account.

Microsoft, on the other hand, insists on a transition from to in some of its blog posts and videos. To access Hotmail on a browser or Outlook’s Android and iOS apps, there is nothing to stop you.

In Outlook, I can’t get into my Hotmail account

You will be redirected to “” if you type “” into the address bar of any web browser. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can use that to access your Hotmail account. For the time being, Hotmail does not offer webmail or other specialized services.

It is also the case that all of Microsoft’s email addresses (including the country-specific subdomains) can only be opened from or the Outlook webmail or desktop/mobile clients and cannot be accessed elsewhere.

It’s possible to see if you’re using Hotmail in conjunction with your account by going to “Microsoft Account Profile -> Account Info -> Sign-in preferences.

Your Microsoft account’s “Sign-in preferences” page displays a list of all the aliases you’ve created. This will list all of your current Hotmail email accounts. Whether it’s a primary or secondary alias, it will have been recorded.

Your Old Hotmail Account Can Be Retrieved

Do you still have access to an old Hotmail account? A number of factors, including your most recent account activity, can influence the method you use to retrieve it.

The most recent activity on your Hotmail Account

Getting back into Hotmail/Outlook is simple if you logged in once during the calendar year (a little less than 365 days) and remember the password.

* The Outlook login page will ask for your username and password, so enter them there.

* In order to receive a verification code, you’ll need an alternate phone number or email address.

* Your old Hotmail account can be retrieved if the verification code sent to your device matches the one you received.

* If you’ve forgotten your Hotmail password, use a different email or device to log in again.

Inactive accounts are deleted by Microsoft when they are no longer used

If an account has been inactive for more than two years, Microsoft considers it inactive. If you used this account to purchase an active Microsoft product or service, if you have an unused Microsoft account balance from a gift card or credit, if you used the account to publish to the Microsoft Store, and if it has earned you a training certification from Microsoft, you may be able to access this account despite prolonged inactivity.
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