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Best Methods to Do Sublimation on Wood – Beginners Guide

We make no secret of our love for wood homes and log quarters and making them look phenomenal. Is there something good than the warmth and glow of a well-built wood wall? It has an irresistible charm and timeless style. 

However, some projects cannot use natural wood for one purpose. It might be impossible to use natural wood due to a lack of materials or financial restrictions. Sublimation is an alternative to natural wood, and the process to do sublimation on wood is simple!

What Is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a printing technique that uses ink and heat to transfer a design into a material. It differs from vinyl transfers, which most people portray when they think of t-shirt printing, in which the ink is laid on top of the fabric or base material. Instead, heat is used to fuse the ink and the base material. The design started printing on high-quality paper. When subjected to heat, the inks turn into gas, which then combines with the base material to forever print on it.

Why Use sublimation?

Sublimation is a more permanent method of printing a design because the inks merge with the base material rather than sitting on top. Consider it more like a tattoo on your skin than a design drawn on with a pen. The tattoo, similar to a sublimated image, will not crack, peel, or wash away, whereas the pen drawing will disappear and rinse away quickly.

How Does Sublimation Work For Wood?

Assume you want the look of wood but live in an environment that does not allow for natural wood. A high-traffic deck, floor, or large-scale wall could be used. Sublimation could be used to visualize the look of wood instead of wood, which could be damaged or too pricey to install. The wood grain could be sublimated to other things to create the visual appearance of wood while maintaining another material’s stability, strength, or cost.

Sublimation can be used to put wood grain on various shapes that would be difficult to make entirely from wood, in addition to using different materials. To know more please visit

Do I Still Need A Coating Or Finish?

Even though sublimation printing is a more permanent option, it is still necessary to use a coating to protect the material underneath, just as you would with wood. A shellac or lacquer varnish will help protect the fabric from scuffing while also preserving the color and design in the long run.

Final Verdict:

Printing directly onto wood is another type of wood sublimation. This is frequently the case for art projects, such as printing a photograph on a round of wood. This results in a one-of-a-kind design in which the wood grain shows through the printing, giving it an earthy feel. In this case, you’ll need a coating for your project. You can do sublimation on wood easily. 

A coating will protect the printing and keep the wood from drying, cracking, or expanding when exposed to moisture. Select a layer compatible with the type of wood you are using for your project.



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