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Automation by the best Industrial Automation Companies

With increasing competition in the world market and high demand for products, the current system of production and management of product supply needs a change. With this concern an Industrial automation system got developed and initiated to streamline the process of manufacturing, storage, and delivery of the products to the final customers. The automated systems designe, develope, and offere to various industrial units by Industrial Automation Companies. Automation companies adopted control systems and types of equipment like computer programming and robots to do industrial tasks. With this the traditional and manual work get reduce. Those who are still struggling with the old and inept method of handling the production process can switch to a better industrial automation system offered by Armstrong

Services at different industrial levels

Industrial operations are large and complex also. Different level operations performed simultaneously. If industrialists desire to achieve greater competence and efficiency, introducing an automation system at just the production level will not serve the purpose. Looking into this concern, Industrial Automation Companies developed industrial automation systems for a different stage. Let’s look at how they are working:

Field level

The field level is the lowest in the industrial sector. Data gets transferred from processes and machines to the upper levels for analysis and monitoring. The automated equipment used in this level is mainly actuators and sensors. The real-time parameters get converted into signals which help in monitoring and analyzing. 

Control level

The controlling level of the industrial unit works based on the input provided by the field level. Programmable logic controllers and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines are widely used at this level to perform the controlling functions based on data provided by sensors and actuators. Program and automated equipment help to carry out the process.

Production and supervision level

The production and supervision level is where automated functions at a large scale are performed. From setting the production targets to the supervision of the manufactured product, the automation system handles all the work. The automated system service provider companies offer automation software to perform various functions like human-machine interface, start, and shutdown of machines, handling the production process, and supervising the same.

Information level

The information level is the top level of the industries. Planning, market analysis, and order and sales management are carried out at this level. Since the information flow from the lower level to the upper level, the complete processing, and its execution is done at the highest level. With automated system provided by companies, industrial unit know about the demand and deals with all the commercial activities. 

Hence it can be seen that there is a complete hierarchy of the Industrial automation system. Some even depend upon the other automated system performed by various programs and equipment. With more robotics and machine application, tough tasks are seamlessly completed. Picking, sorting, inspection, and customization can be done with an Industrial automated system effortlessly. 

Those industrial units looking to have a robust Industrial automated system in their production and operation system can contact various Industrial Automation Companies in their location. However, if you desire to introduce the best-automated system in your product manufacturing and commercial activities, Armstrong can give the complete Industrial automated solutions. 



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