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Are Erection Problems More Common In Young Men?

Erectile disorder (ED) is often mentioned as a problem that affects men who are older. There are many causes that could be causing it, ranging in severity from high blood pressure to type 2 diabetes, it’s quite common for men of middle age and over to be affected with ED.

There is not much discussion about whether older men may also be vulnerable. While it’s difficult to establish the exact proportion, particularly since so many men are afraid to seek medical attention we know that a lot of people aged between 20-30 are silent about it.

One study revealed that erectile dysfunction is a problem for 26% of males less than 40, half of whom suffered from severe erectile dysfunction. Other research conducted by The Massachusetts Male Aging Study has revealed that the proportion of men suffering from moderate or mild erectile dysfunction is roughly correlated to their age.

A recent study from The Coop Pharmacy also suggested that 50percent of men aged 30 and older struggled with erectile dysfunction, which is the highest proportion in any group of age. About half of them have mentioned stress in their job and personal lives as the source of the issue.

While this study might not be scientifically validated, however, it does suggest at the very least some explanations for the cause and also suggests that for younger men, the causes are more likely to originate from physical.

The older the man, the higher the chance that erectile dysfunction is an emotional component. It’s difficult to collect large amounts of data on men in their 20s who confess that they don’t have an erection that is good. The issue is rarely discussed however there is an estimate about 40% of those who are 40 and younger suffer from some form of problems with erectile dysfunction. About 40 percent to 60% are psychological, which means most of it is a result of anxiety. It could be related to pornography or depression which has lowered their libido.

Psychological Causes

Erectile dysfunction clinically is classified as a chronic or ongoing inability to sustain an erection. That means that if you do experience the occasional ED the reason could be due to the effects of alcohol or drugs, and there’s no reason to be concerned about it. If, however, the inability to get an erection is causing anxiety for you and eventually leads to a more frequent condition, it’s advisable to seek medical attention.

From a physiological perspective, what happens is quite simple. When you are stressed and your body produces stress hormones, such as adrenaline, also known as the chemical used to fight or flee. The blood vessels are narrowed and decrease penis blood flow and also there are medications such as Cenforce 200 and many others which help increase blood flow.

Anxiety, depression, fatigue and a sense of insecurity can because people lose interest in things that you usually enjoy, such as sexual activity. According to a study conducted in 2015, 12.5% of men who were treated for sexual problems also suffered from depression. Out of this, 25% experienced anxiety.

Is Pornography the Culprit?

Beyond these kinds of mental health problems, Doctors believe there’s another reason that pornography is a major cause of erectile dysfunction (PIED) among younger men. It is not clear if this is a widespread issue, the causes and consequences of pornography are mixed with the other issues, making it difficult to know if the prevalence of porn is contributing to more frequent occurrences of erectile dysfunction. The pattern is applicable to a few men. It is possible to maintain an erection when watching porn, but the struggle of getting an erection can be a problem when you are with your partner.

It’s the teenage years when you are watching porn, which is your first sexual experience. It is the way that your brain perceives sex which is very difficult since a love affair with the screen of your phone or laptop does not take into account physical and social nuances of sexual intimacy.

Pornography not only creates false expectations of sexual intimacy, including the way your partner looks and behave, it may make you habitual to self-stimulation, and thus become less open to the sensations of sexual intimacy. Doctors believe that they are prepared to respond to new sensations at the beginning.

In porn, you move from one movie to the next and from one person to the next, which is thrilling, however trying to translate it into the real world with just one person could reduce the quality of your relationship and make it less thrilling in terms of excitement and excitement.

If your use of porn is leading to problems, it might be beneficial to consult an expert in psychosexual therapy. You can also check out websites such as Your Brain on Porn that suggest abstinence. The theory is that you’re trying to treat the addiction by stopping the trigger.

Other Causes

It is important to note that although erectile dysfunction in young men is generally psychological in nature, it’s not usually the situation. According to a study of recent, the metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors are often ignored within this age group. An older person will not likely develop an issue with the heart or cholesterol issue, but there is no reason to rule out the possibility.

Problems with the liver and kidneys can cause problems with erectile dysfunction. Another possibility he Peyronie’s Disease, in which the penis is bent severely because of scar tissue. If you’ve been unable to get an erection, the flow of blood to your penis could be restricted in some way. In addition, you may have poor lifestyle choices that may alter the vascular system.

There are also genetic conditions that make it so that the testes do not produce testosterone in sufficient quantities and this can be a cause for concern. Although Cenforce 100 other similar medications assist men with erectile dysfunction, in order to achieve correct sexual function, it’s essential to treat the root of the problem first. Many men with erectile dysfunction use Cenforce 150 and Vidalista and have their sexual pleasure back; however, as they get older their erections diminish even when they take ED drugs. This is because they don’t understand what’s causing the sexual stimuli.

In essence, when you’re fighting ED there could be a variety of different factors at play and what is applicable to you might not be the case for other people. It is worthwhile to forget about any shame and having a candid discussion with your physician.


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