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Are Erectile Dysfunction Pills Safe or Bad for Your Heart?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects nearly half of men over 40.  

For most men facing ED, erectile dysfunction pills are generally considered safe to use as prescribed by a doctor. While this article focuses around ED pills and safety, safe does not always mean preferable. Prescription pills are a one-size-fits-all solution to a highly unique set of underlying causes that men experience. 

For this reason, patients with sexual impotence who are seeking a chance to have a healthy sex life once again should opt for a customized erectile dysfunction treatment plan that is based around a specialized diagnosis on a case-by-case basis. In many instances, ED prescription pills are avoidable.  

Should you continue to review the safety of ED pills, note that if you have a heart disease, it’s important to disclose your medical history to your doctor. 

Thus, if you suffer or are getting treatment for certain types of heart disease, you should consult a men’s health clinic before using this type of drug. Severe cardiovascular complications cases can occur. 

If you aren’t suffering from any moderate to severe heart diseases, erectile dysfunction drugs are considered safe for general use. 

Is ED Pills Safe for People with Heart Disease? 

While ED pills are generally considered safe for people without heart disease, people with a history of heart complications may need to take some precautions.  

Some with severe heart complications should not take the drug at all. 

The best thing to do is talk to a men’s medical health clinic to address your concerns, to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan that is specified to your unique set of underlying causes. 

What Heart Conditions Are Bad with ED Pills? 

One of the characteristics of ED pills like Viagra is the lowering of the systolic blood pressure in your body. 

On its own, this drop can restore back to normal in a healthy human body. However, for certain heart conditions, such a drop can be quite dangerous for your heart and body to handle. 

What Drugs Are Bad or Have Side Effects with ED Pills? 

Just like many ailments, there are certain drugs that don’t interact well when taken together with ED pills. 

While doctors can adjust the drug dosages as necessary to account for ED pills, there’s one class in particular that you should avoid: nitrates. 

Nitrates are prescribed for people with heart disease to help treat chest pain. Just like ED pills, these drugs help dilate the blood vessels by allowing more blood to flow into the body. 

Drugs that fall under this category include: 

  • Nitroglycerin  
  • isosorbide dinitrate 
  • Isosorbide mononitrate 
  • Sodium nitroprusside 
  • Amyl nitrate 

The problem is that ED drugs can also deprive oxygen of reaching vital organs in our body, most notably our brain. If you take nitrates, patients may suffer from a heart attack or fainting spells because of the lack of blood flow.  

Aside from nitrates, there are several other heart disease medications that shouldn’t be taken together with erectile dysfunction pills. 

Other Alternatives to Erectile Dysfunction Pills 

If you have heart problems, it’s best to take precautions with medications that could exacerbate the problem. 

When ED pills are not recommended for people with heart conditions, there are other alternative treatment plans available for erectile dysfunction. 

Your doctor prescribes what works best for your condition. Alternative treatments that may help erectile dysfunction include: 

Sex therapy 

This therapy can help uplift your psychological wellbeing and calm anxieties that may worsen your ED. 

Eat a healthy diet 

A diet rich in produce, lean protein, healthy fats, and vegetables can contribute to better sexual health. 

Decrease the use of vices 

Smoking, drinking alcohol, and doing other types of drugs are overall health risks that can worsen ED symptoms (and are also bad for the health in general) 

Does Testosterone Make You Taller? 

We have all heard about the connection between testosterone and muscularity in men.  Testosterone is a vital hormone that drives growth, especially during adolescence. 

Studies have shown that testosterone plays an important role in the development of primary and secondary male characteristics like stronger muscles, increased libido, and body hair. 

When a boy reaches puberty, he experiences a growth spurt where his testosterone levels start to ramp up significantly. This process accelerates the growth of his body, the most prominent of which is his height. 

Let’s learn more about what testosterone is, what hormones influence your height, and the natural and effective ways you can grow taller. However, the prime body trt reviews are quite good.

What Factors Influence Height? 

Growth hormones made in the pituitary glands have the greatest impact on stature. These include human growth hormone (HGH) and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). 

A growth hormone deficiency, however, may cause problems in the growth plate in stimulating growth and may end up making someone shorter. 

During infant and childhood development, the human growth hormone is responsible for the elongation of bones. At this time in their lives, children undergo stages of continuous growth. 

Children grow at a rate of 2.5 to 3.5 inches per year from the ages of two to five years old. Growth begins to slow down at about 2.5 inches per year for children aged 10 and above. 

Get More Sleep 

During deep sleep, the body releases growth hormones that play an important role in promoting growth to your height. 

Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. This is crucial to allow your body to properly regenerate and grow. 

Exercise Consistently 

Regular exercise helps increase growth hormone production and promote bone growth. 

Some exercise regimens are particularly effective in boosting testosterone levels and stimulating more rapid growth in individuals. 

Weight Training 

Weight training, also known as resistance training, is a technique that utilizes weight to create resistance against muscular contraction. This type of training helps increase muscle mass and burn fat. 

Weightlifting has also been shown to increase testosterone levels in males that last over the long term. Having a gym instructor or physical therapist close by may also help keep you safe during weight training programs. 

Eat a Healthy Diet 

The food and nutrients you eat can play a big role in the production of sex hormones. 

Vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D and Zinc are especially beneficial to consume since they contain the correct nutrients for testosterone production. 

What is Testosterone? 

Testosterone is an androgen hormone that is produced primarily in the testicles. It is responsible for the development of male characteristics like muscle mass, body hair, and a deep voice. 

When a person reaches puberty, their testosterone levels surge and help to promote growth in the bones and muscles. This is why boys experience a growth spurt during puberty, as their testosterone levels are working overtime to help them grow taller and stronger. 



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