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All About the Best Math Tutor Online

Nowadays, parents and most students like online tutor services for math subjects. Why? Because they can easily learn mathematics subjects with their favorite teacher at their own favorite place.

We know that it may be challenging to reach the best math tutors because it may be far from your location. But, by choosing the online best math tutors, students can easily contact the top math tutor without facing any trouble. There are several advantages students can get when they choose an online tutor service for math subjects such as saving time, cost, extra effort, etc.

Why Should We Choose an Online Best Math Tutor

  • By choosing the online math tutor, you can get amazing benefits such as learning math by word best math tutor and learning many unique and simple ways to find the math solution.
  • If you want a favorite teacher for the math subject and want to learn at home, then studying math online is the best option.
  • If you want to secure your time and use it for other work and save your extra effort, you must choose an online tutor for your math subject.
  • By choosing an online tutor for the math subject, you can easily balance your daily workload and study efficiently.

Positive Side of Choosing the Best Tutor is Math Online

Here we will share the benefits of choosing the online best math tutor.

  • By joining the math tutor online class for math, the student does not get bored, sees a new point of view on the different topics of the math subject, and learns faster in a short time.
  • Students can save energy and time because they do not study anywhere. They attend all the classes with a highly skilled teacher in one place and access study material anytime when attending the online tuition class.
  • The online classes allow math tutors to allow the student to interact with peers and develop teamwork. In addition, the best math teachers make the sessions enjoyable and attractive because they give the group tasks or ask any questions that increase the competition between the students.
  • Students get instant knowledge and learn quickly with the help of the best math facilitators without unnecessary traveling and effort. How? Because they share amazing tips and techniques with the students


A rectangle is a two-dimensional shape with four sides, four right angles, and four corners. The length of the opposite sides of a rectangle is the same.

However, if the sides of the rectangle are the same, it is called the square. In addition, the rectangle has a right angle of 90 degrees. The second name of the rectangle is the equiangular quadrilateral.

You can see many examples of rectangles around you, such as television, towels, pillows, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Some Properties of the Rectangle

  • Rectangle has four sides, and four vertices, and each vertex have an angle that has a 90°. 
  • The rectangle is a parallelogram and has four right angles.

Calculate the Area of the Rectangle

You can calculate the area of the rectangle by multiplying the length and width of the rectangle.

A= length * width

Calculate the Perimeter of the Rectangle

To calculate the perimeter of the rectangle, when you add the width and length together of the rectangle and multiply by 2. The parameter is represented by p.

Perimeter, P = 2 (Length + Width)

Example1: The length and width of the rectangle are 5 cm and 2 cm. Find the area and perimeter of the rectangle.


Area of the rectangle-

A=length *width

A= 5*2

A= 10 cm square.

The perimeter of the rectangle –

P = 2 (Length + Width)

P= 2(5+2)



            The area of the rectangle is 10, and the perimeter is 14. Cuemath has the best math online tutors which explain all the properties of rectangle, and other topics of maths in a detailed manner



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