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Advantages Of Intranet Applications Computer Network

Simply put, an intranet application is a small internal website running in a secure business environment. An intranet is basically a computer network used in an organization to share data among employees. Intranet applications are sometimes referred to as company portals or private business networks. Depending on the requirements it needs to meet, an application can be a basic structure or elaborate, with complex interconnections and data exchanges. Technical editor Stephen Lawton introduced the term intranet in 1995.

However, the basic difference is that the entire setup runs on the LAN (Local Area Network). Online Intranet Software involves the use of network-enabled hardware and software technologies, including web servers, browsers, TCP/IP, Ethernet, and WiFi systems. When organizations use the Internet on the same network, applications are often configured behind firewalls through gateways to limit unauthorized access.

Ideally, intranet software should allow employees at all levels to access the information they need, make decisions, and execute them in an efficient manner. Therefore, the intranet software development cycle must be carefully planned and completed. Consider the following steps when designing an intranet application.

  • Define goals – set guidelines for developing and using the intranet, etc.
  • Prepare an intranet plan – list the structure of the intranet, the hardware and software that will be used, the number of users and their access rights, the nature of the information available.
  • Design and implement intranet applications – Obtain the necessary resources to complete intranet design, deployment and other implementation tasks.
  • Raise Intranet Awareness – Promote intranet among relevant users for effective use and achievement of stated goals. Intranet applications have many advantages, the most important being increased productivity and lower costs.

  • Faster access to information and updates enables employees to make decisions and take action faster, increasing the overall productivity of the organization.
  • It facilitates the accurate flow of targeted information across vertical and horizontal, which can potentially reduce the amount of email floating around in an organization.
  • Important policy documents, training materials, company knowledge files can be maintained on the intranet application and accessed from a single source when needed.
  • There is no need to maintain physical copies of information or other documents, so IA proves to be a cost-effective solution.

Although intranets offer many advantages, intranet application development is required to be robust enough to handle multiple users at once, while ensuring that corporate confidentiality is maintained.



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