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A Comprehensive Guide To Breast Augmentation

A perfect body shape and an ideal figure are what women care about the most today. The main reason is the celebrities and famous personalities we see on the screen with ideal figures. They have set some parameters of a perfect body shape that every woman chases. Smaller breasts are the most focused concern as they can make a big difference. Researchers have shown that breast augmentation is the most sought-after surgical procedure of the time. Apart from aesthetic reasons, some women go for surgery due to the size difference. Breast augmentation helps create balance as a major difference can make a person look unappealing or restrict the dress options.

However, get your case done by the best plastic surgeon in Dubai and around the world. They can guide you on the perfect measurements and best option for implants and brief you on the pre and post-surgery phases. In this way, you can anticipate what is coming and prepare yourself accordingly.

If you are pondering about getting breast implants, this article discusses the important details you may want to know.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not good candidates for breast augmentation. Similarly, medical conditions like breast cancer also make you unfit for surgery. Other than that, everyone can get the surgery.

What Happens During The Procedure?

The first step is to make incisions in three different areas to insert the implants. The first is under the breast crease, the second under the arm, and the third one around the nipple. After the incision, the surgeon makes a place for the implants to be inert. For that, he separates the breast tissues from the connective tissues and muscles in the chest area. Now you will have a place for implants either behind or in front of the chest wall. The surgeon will fix the implants behind the nipples.

If you use saline implants, they will be inserted empty and filled with salt water after fixing them in place. However, silicone implants are pre-filled with gel. Once the implants are fixed, the surgeon will close the cuts with sutures and bandage the wound with surgical tape.

Post-Procedure Complications

Like other incisions, you will feel some after effects, but they will be temporary. You can feel swelling and soreness in the incision area for several weeks post-surgery. As the treatment contains cuts, you might feel bruises, and the scars will fade away but will not vanish completely.

Furthermore, your surgeon will prescribe the after-surgery precautions. Most specialists recommend wearing a sports bra or compression bandage to provide support to the breast implants. For pain, the surgeon will prescribe some pain relief medicines.

Aside from that, it will take some time to resume the normal working routine. If your job is not physically tough, you can resume your activities within a few months. However, if your job is physically challenging or can make your blood pressure fluctuate, you are recommended to rest for up to two weeks. Be mindful that your breasts are sensitive during the healing process, and you should avoid jolting movements.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you feel redness or warmth in the breast area, you might have a fever as a result of an infection. Do not delay and see your surgeon right away in that case.

Select The Shape And Profile

They might know that breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. Round and tear-shaped implants are the two types. However, these implants also come in different heights, which is called the profile.

The decision is totally up to you on how far you want your implants to project outwards. What are your aims? Once you have decoded the implant profile, your surgeon will brief you on different options as per your demands.

Consultation Prior To Treatment

Consultation with your surgeon is the most important step. That is why selecting the best cosmetic surgeon is vital to getting the best advice and guaranteed results. Many specialists recommend breast augmentation and/or breast lift Dubai because the emirate is a hub of cosmetic surgeries and has certified surgeons with years of experience in surgeries. So they can give the best consultation and help achieve desired results. The experience of the surgeon matters because he will recommend what suits you or is better for you as per your body type.

Recovery Time

The surgery takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal completely. However, you should avoid weight lifting or overwork during this period.

Summing Up

In all, breast augmentation has made it possible to get the breasts in the shape and size you desire. However, get in touch with a certified plastic surgeon and follow the post-op instructions to enjoy long-lasting results. Mind here that your breast will age even after the surgery. If you see a difference, you need to get another surgery to correct the tissues. 



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