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A Checklist For all The First-Time Apartment Buyers 

All those people who find a complete house to be an out-of-budget option flock to the apartments since they are much cheaper and aren’t any less in terms of comfort, homely feeling, and amenities. This is the main reason why in the last couple of decades, the sale of apartments has reached a whole new level. 

But if you are a discerning buyer who has set foot on his first real estate journey you must have a checklist for making your real estate deal a big success. So, let’s go through an ideal checklist that must be used by every first-time apartment buyer. 

Enquire About Strata Fees

If you are buying an apartment in Lafayette then you are actually buying a strata scheme, which is a group of buildings that is divided into different lots like offices, apartments, and many other building types. So when you buy an apartment, you are going to share common ownership with all the other apartment owners as well. 

There is always an annual fee for the strata scheme and this fee is used for covering the maintenance and repairing fees of the shared areas of all the apartments. Before finalizing any apartment, you must ask about the strata fee since if not asked, it can turn out to be a bad surprise and unexpected addition to your expense. 

Analyze The Corporation of The Owner 

As discussed above, buying an apartment in Lafayette means becoming a member of the owner corporation, and therefore, analyzing the corporation of the owner should always be on your checklist, especially if you don’t want to deal with any kind of unexpected rules, regulations, limitations in the future. 

Right from which shared areas can be used and which can’t be used for the ownership of the pet in the apartment, everything is decided by the owner corporation, and therefore, you just can’t skip it while buying your first apartment. 

In some cases, it is necessary for all the owners to attend the meeting organized regularly by the owner corporation but in other cases, they are much more flexible about such rules and regulations. 

Inspect The Nearby Facilities 

Lafayette apartments don’t give you the luxury of open space like in the case of a house and therefore, it becomes a necessity to check the nearby facilities for a better lifestyle after moving into the apartments. 

For example, if you are a dog lover and if you own a dog then you must check whether there are nearby parks or not otherwise, every time you wish to take your dog on a walk, you will have to take your dog in the car to a distant location.

Give a Visit to the Car Parking Space

If you are choosing high rises, then there are maximum chances the parking space will be limited and therefore, it becomes necessary to always check the parking space before giving the final call on any Lafayette apartments.

It is always recommended to go with only those apartments that have dedicated parking space and if you don’t own a car then check whether public transportation is easily available or not. You must fathom the parking space even if you don’t own a car as it helps you in guiding someone who visits you in a car. 

An ideal checklist can help you in buying the right apartment and you will never fall into any kind of scam being sold in the form of a genuine apartment by the seller. So, make your own checklist and use it to make the right decision.



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