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6 Tips for Designing Custom Packaging for Cosmetic Products

How do you differentiate your brand from the endless competition in cosmetics markets? The custom packaging must stand apart instantly! Here are some tools to give your box appeal an immediate makeover.

Personalizing the cosmetics boxes can give your business instant brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Both these are the basis to build durable and unshakable customer loyalty.

Do you find yourself asking ‘how do I customize my cosmetics packaging?’ Well, your days of confusion are over, in this article we provide you with some unique methods that can accelerate your branding potential like never before!

One: Ask the right questions

The number one task is to answer relevant questions regarding your brand and products. Below are some questions to start with:

  • What is the product?

As you may already know, there are a zillion types of cosmetic and skincare products out there. Identifying the precise product type is going to help you to create the perfect packaging box for it.

Is your product sensitive or comes in easily breakable packaging? What are its dimensions? How would it look for customers? These and more such questions would help to give you a clearer picture of what kind of cosmetics box would be an ideal fit with your items.

  • Who is going to buy your products?

The targeted customer groups define how your boxes would look. Doing market research is apt in identifying the consumer needs and expectations regarding their cosmetics purchases. Factors such as the customers’ age, income, location, and gender establish the custom elements required for your packaging.

custom packaging
  • What is your distribution network?

Are you selling products exclusively at stores or through online portals or a mix of both? E-selling requires compliance with the USSP guidelines as well as shippable packaging materials. In-store selling calls for attractive and innovatively shaped boxes for brand recognition. The final box appeal depends on how you plan to distribute your beauty items.

Two: Make your packaging consistent with your brand marketing

When designing and printing graphics on your boxes, ensure that they represent your brand logo, title, and overall image. This involves caring for the colors, fonts, and textures. For example, if your brand image is cheery and vibrant, go for a lively combination of colors. Using dark colors won’t make sense in this case.

Likewise, working to make your logo more visible and unique is the key to attaining higher customer interest and stronger loyalty. 

You can easily use a package box design software to create multiple variants of packages based on sizing, region of sale and so on. It would make for a unique, eye catching element and will surely be appreciated by your customers.

Three: Add helpful elements

The primary focus for custom packaging is that it must help customers to better understand your brand and products. Graphics are a great addition to display relevant info to customers. They make reading the box content fun and apprehendable.

Numerous beauty and cosmetic items require illustrations to convey handling, storing, using, and reordering details. Moreover, if your company has earned certifications, putting up stickers and labels is a good idea. Customers consider such markings as reliable and prefer such brands over others. Numerous brands print graphics explaining their business as a socially and environmentally responsible entity. Putting up stickers for recycling and reusing the beauty boxes helps to capture more customers.

Four: Consider packaging layers

How does your packaging open? Is it innovatively designed to give a pleasant unboxing experience? Does it need to explain to customers how to access the contents?

Unique boxes always stand out for customers. They undoubtedly add to the unboxing excitement. But missing on explaining the opening procedure may cause customer confusion. You need to put up self-explanatory graphics to help buyers reach their cosmetics conveniently. Personalized graphics such as welcome notes also impart a favorable brand image to buyers. Positive shopping experiences ensure that the customers post their reviews online and offer your brand free of cost marketing.

Five: Pick the right type of packaging material

Your brand cannot effectively engross viewers if the packaging boxes fade away or appear shabby and torn.

When choosing the materials look to your competition for cues. If the majority of the brands are following a packaging trend, it is for a reason. Make sure that you consider all the product characteristics before settling for a specific stock paper. For example, liquid items shouldn’t leak through the packaging, etc.

Moreover, consider your budget too. If you sell cosmetic products at reasonable prices, choose materials that are simple yet strong. Similarly, if you sell upscale products, pick materials that would extend the luxurious feel to customers.

Graphics and printed content look sleek on reliable boxes that are effective in holding the contents safely. Damages would deter the box look and the branding on them.

Six: Get feedback

A relatively new and wise method is to test your packaging. Brands run a sample test by launching a limited-edition box look. Customer reaction is valuable in judging whether the graphic designs work for the target audience or if there is room for improvement.

A good alternative is to bring expert box manufacturers on board. After all, designing graphics takes a thorough knowledge of the field. To make the most of your investment, make sure that you ask the box makers for design templates and all the possible printing effects. The best part is that you can create and amend the graphics on soft copies. It allows time to make last-minute changes. Be sure that the box designers you choose have the most modern printing techniques and history of prudent artwork.

What should you avoid?

While the above are carefully drafted tips of what must be done to make the graphics seem more alluring on your cosmetics boxes, there are certain things you must avoid.

  1. Putting in random graphics. You must stay within your branding formats.
  2. Spending too much on graphic designs. Align the packaging costs with your bottom lines.
  3. Not protecting the printed contents. Laminations and other printing effects safeguard the box contents inside and out.


Now it is time to use custom packaging to spark customer enthusiasm for your cosmetics brand. Rise above the competition with unmissable box graphics.



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