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Easy Ways To Help Speed Up Your Node.js development Process

Mobile and web development have changed the way we work today. Every day, millions of websites and apps are upgraded. To use these apps, there are forums. Platforms allow developers to build robust, functional, and user-friendly applications or websites. And another such forum is Node.js development.

Node.js Development company or a dedicated developer knows the ABCs of the development process. Today, in this blog anyway, we will learn 6 ways to speed up the process of developing Node.js.

6 easy and fast ways to speed up the process of Node.js development.

TIP 1. Use TypeScript

TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding types to it. It stores various libraries you can find time by finding errors and correcting them before applying the code. It may seem like using TypeScript will increase progress, but you will invest a lot of money in research unless you go with TypeScript.

You can use these benefits when using TypeScript:

  • Type descriptions allow you to quickly fix things like system errors, incorrect tasks, and various slides made due to careless code changes.
  • Beautiful scenery and automatic finishing. Allows code editors to recommend a list of easily accessible locations, strategies, and enum values ​​based on branded products.
  • Using the form can help you to edit the code accurately.

TIP 2. Have Pre-defined Classed For Errors

Have a trusted error controller to identify and correct any possible errors. Your request must contain an integrated error design that will include all important details identified with the error.

One of the answers to this is to have a basic error class, which will expand the node.js local error section, and include all the features and techniques you need. After a while, it is important to make classes for possible types of errors by expanding the BaseError section. In the graph below, you can see an image of that command line, wherein for each HTTP reply code, there is a separate error section. You can always hire Node.js developers to make this program easier.

Here are some examples of coding for these classes:


After getting these classes, whenever you need to make a mistake, you need to use their cases.

Similarly, what is needed is for the error of the error manager to be able to understand the types of errors and perform the appropriate function on which they are based. For example, how can we look at the related error control which is express middleware? Responds to one or more current items or internal error items, due to error examples.

TIP 3. Dockerize Apps

Poorly designed to be compatible with current applications without a dashboard. Docker works with several features identified by the app rating, as well as the company, and the sky is the limit from there.

Here are some of the benefits you will get if you add a dock to your applications:

  • Your app will work continuously in the same weather. That doesn’t mean there is no valid reason to deal with certain weather conditions (OS type, translation, etc.) The plea “works shortly” – disappears.
  • Your request is made to the administrator and all required processing processes. This is useful if you need to set up and run a business without introducing a lot of things in the immediate climate. You can just hire Node.js developers to upgrade these apps.
  • Simple service for a variety of situations. For example, to update a different OS or node.js configuration component you only need to change one number in your Dockerfile.
  • Easy to measure. You can rate your app by having its unique features. Additionally, you get the option to use Kubernetes.
  • It is not difficult to install a CI / CD. You can launch your app anywhere you need it, including visual CI / CDs.

TIP 4. Compose Automation Tests

Whether it is a unit test, a reconciliation test, or anything else, it’s amazing to do an automatic test. Robot testing for your strong partners during difficult situations. Many situations involve computer testing, however, I will highlight them from the perspective of the designer.

The idea is to set up and start doing exercises from the main day of work. After all, I was a test taker that automation testing is not important and I was ordering it as useful positions. Right now, I understand that it is probably the best thing you can do to be safe.

Everyone can see how helpful people are when they start working but how tired they are at the end of the working day. When you are done, you can make the botches easier, as a result, you will invest in a problem-solving and problem-solving tone over time. As a rule, we continue our activities before the end of the working day but at that time we are too tired to think and evaluate all the connected operations.

By doing an automatic test, you can follow the tests every time you add something or change anything in the code. It is an unusual way to ensure that everything works successfully and that different tasks are not affected by changes. Even if something is broken and the tests fall, you can find the problem and fix it without taking too long.

TIP 5. Incorporate CI/CD 

It also works with your CI / CD setup. This will allow you to avoid the server queue and will reduce the time spent on solutions.

The idea is to set the CI / CD for all the conditions (testing, editing, pushing, etc.) you have. Do as many tests as possible each time something is archived in the git archive. a solution for clear git branches or labels to make an organized organization.

One of its advantages is climate change documents (.env). Typically, CI / CD platforms can store secrets such as data password sets, API keys, etc. For example, CircleCI has a section called Contexts that will always be smart, Azure Pipes has secret records for the same reason, etc …

TIP 6. Utilize Reliable Validator

I can’t think of any app that doesn’t get and handle external information. All applications have input information, be it Rest API, demon service, or more. Guaranteed information is required to ensure the proper functioning of your service.

For example, what about downloading the Rest API app. The app receives a little customer information, analyzes it, and responds with the right response information. In the rest of the API mode, customers can transfer the archive information in a variety of ways (query, body, topics, etc.) and the application should control the application information as long as it is appropriate. Node. The Node.js development company can always help you with your needs.

Various libraries can cover this issue and one of them is joi. It is a good and useful library.

The diagram above shows the authorization system of the Rest API application that uses JOI as middleware. The middleware receives information from customers, approves it, updates it from time to time, and then passes it on to the next middleware. In the event of incorrect information, we throw away authentication errors.


The tips we give you are things we understand ourselves. All things considered, each business has its requirements, and even solutions are not the same. Ideally, this article will help you to work through the development cycle and save time for a variety of things.




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