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5 Ways to get Free computers for low-income families

To keep up with education, news, and society, computers have become essential in the home. But low-income families may not be able to afford a computer. Various organizations have developed creative ways for these families to enjoy the use of a computer for little or no fee.

Free or low-cost computers are available to people with little or no income. These offers are made by private companies and charitable organizations as a service to the public. Computer donors understand that computers offer the opportunity to improve the life of a person in need. To find free computers you need to do a little research and be eligible for the program.

1 computer recycling center

Free computers for low income families, Computer Recycling Centers make refurbished computers and laptops available to youth groups, low-income families, the elderly, teachers, and other community-based nonprofit organizations. Complete your application form and include the shipping cost.

2 accelerated schools

Accelerated Schools offer a computer loan program that makes computers available to families through two methods. After submitting a $100 deposit that will be returned when the computer is returned, families can choose between a computer for slideshows or one for word processing. Call (0800)SCHOOL3 or visit their website to learn more about the terms and conditions of this computer loan program.

3 free cycle

Freecycle is an online network of charitable individuals who present gifts and donations of many things, including computers, so that others can benefit from their gifts. Click the link in the Resources section to sign up.

4 Computers for children (Computers 4 Kids)

Computers for Kids (Computers 4 Kids) are individual charitable organizations that provide local assistance to low-income families on how to purchase a free or low-cost computer. Click the link in Resources to see the locations of this computer donation organization.

5 World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is a portal for salvaging used computers, recycling them, and distributing them around the world. This company has benefited many communities and organizations that could not otherwise have afforded a computer or laptop. Visit their website for more information on how to donate or receive a free computer.



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