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5 Nutrition Facts About CBD Gummies

While buying our daily products, we all look to the ingredients and nutritional facts for an insight into the product quality. To ensure that we get the best experience, we find out what goes into our products. And the same applies to CBD gummies for users. When you’re buying CBD products, you must ensure that they use the best quality natural materials for their products. So let us take a glimpse into the nutritional facts about CBD gummies and find out if they’re the ideal product or not.

CBD gummies are chewy gummies with CBD or hemp extract in them. The gummies are a customer favorite due to their sweetness and flavors. CBD has endless medical applications and does not have psychoactive effects, making it user-friendly. Hence, many people enjoy using CBD for its scientifically proven benefits, but not all love the flavor. Since many people still have difficulty consuming hemp oil, most people turn to gummies. Gummies have sweeteners and flavors to mask the bitter taste of hemp. 

The gummies have all the benefits of CBD any other product has- and a pleasant flavor. Such an addition makes it easier for users to consume their required dosage. You can easily purchase the gummies from an online store or nearby dispensary. 

What Are the Nutrition Facts of CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies most commonly have five main components or ingredients. These ingredients include the base, CBD extract, sweeteners, flavorings, and thickeners. Additionally, the gummy may have colors, stabilizers, and preservatives. Depending on which brand you buy the gummies from, the nutritional facts may differ in each brand. But since you might not know which type of each ingredient is superior, we have you covered. Here are five nutritional facts about CBD gummies to help you look for the perfect gummy and avoid harmful ingredients:

  • CBD Gummies Have Broad Spectrum CBD & Hemp Extract

While the ingredients change for every brand, CBD gummies usually use hemp extract and CBD extract. Among these combinations, hemp extract with Broad Spectrum CBD extract is superior. Broad Spectrum CBD includes the other terpenes present in hemp-without having any THC. Broad Spectrum CBD helps you get the Entourage Effect (An effect where CBD’s efficiency increases in the presence of other hemp terpenes). The product includes no THC, so you can consume them anytime without worrying about them showing up on THC tests.

  • CBD Gummies’ Sweeteners Are Organic Cane Sugars

The sweet taste of CBD gummies is perhaps their best benefit. Such sweetness comes from sugars, and in this case, from organic cane sugars. While refined sugar is an ideal ingredient, cane sugars are a step ahead. Cane sugar itself has many benefits for the body and mind, so, combined with CBD, it makes the perfect supplement. The regular sugar gummies are also an ideal option, as they both still do the work for you.

  • CBD Gummies Are Rich in Carbohydrates

CBD gummies have plenty of carbohydrates- and little to no fat. It is the opposite of CBD oils, which primarily have fats. Hence, many argue that gummies are the superior of the two. However, if you measure the calorie intake, it all comes down to a pretty similar figure. Since gummies are less concentrated, the figures balance each other out. Such carbohydrates can also help boost the energy and mood of the user gradually.

  • CBD Gummies Use Natural Flavorings

A controversial topic surrounding CBD products has been regarding flavorings. Some manufacturers use artificial flavoring in their products. Such artificial flavors are detrimental to our overall health. So they may hinder CBD’s benefits by their side effects.

You can enjoy all benefits without fearing any side effects by using plant-based and natural flavors. Some gummies have natural flavoring in them, making them safe to consume. Hence experts recommend checking the flavoring sources in your CBD gummies.

  • CBD Gummies use Tapioca Syrup as The Base

Like any other gummy or candy product, CBD gummies need a chewy base. The base makes the chewy texture and round (or other) shape of the chewy treat that holds the CBD. Some manufacturers use corn syrup or other materials as the base product.

However, other manufacturers prefer using more environmentally sound ingredients like tapioca syrup. Yes, the same chewy ingredient (or its sister ingredient, tapioca starch) from bubble tea pearls. It is a natural material extracted from plants but still has the correct texture.

Are CBD Gummies the Perfect Product?

Many people find themselves curious whether CBD gummies are superior to all others. Due to personal preferences and needs, the perfect product might not be the same for two users. However, CBD products come in a wide variety and have distinguishing features.

So to decide if you should use CBD gummies or not, you can look at their features. These features will help you see if they fit your expectations from the product. Here are some elements of CBD gummies which set them apart from other CBD products:

  • If you dislike the flavor of hemp oil or similar products, CBD gummies might be for you. Hemp has a distinct and borderline bitter flavor profile which is off-putting for some. If you cannot tolerate such a flavor, a sweet gummy would do the job.
  • If you prefer pre-dosed products, CBD gummies are in the top tier. Every CBD gummy comes with a set dosage, so you don’t have to put effort into it. You can take one or two gummies as per your required dosage.
  • CBD features in an FDA-approved medicine for epileptic seizures, where it has proved its efficiency. Doctor-prescribed medications may be better if you’re using them for such seizures. If you use CBD to treat a medical condition, you can try pills or oils.

Lastly, since CBD products don’t have the FDA’s approval yet, users have no choice but to find the best quality products themselves. In a market where suppliers are endless, a user must go through all of them to find an ethical and high-quality CBD product. If you know more about the gummies’ nutritional facts and ingredients, you can make such a choice with ease. You can enjoy all the benefits of CBD gummies by looking for better materials.



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