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5 Best Ideas to Design Custom Boxes for Subscription Service

Subscriptions have become a popular business. Customers prefer getting their orders at home rather than buying them frequently from retail stores. Custom boxes have made this industry reach its potential and how!

What is the subscription business?

According to a leading survey, 49% of shoppers are currently using a subscription service. Whether it is a media company or box provider, subscriptions are successfully attracting customers due to convenience, cost, and availability of expanded purchase choices.

Subscriptions allow customers to get their hands on the desired products or services from the comfort of their homes. Many brands are now adopting a hybrid selling channel comprising direct selling and the option of subscriptions.

It also means that customers can pick from varied brands, products/services, costs, and brand appeal. Naturally, with so much competition, identical subscription markets have to offer unique services to stand out.

Leading marketers point out that the brands offering upbeat subscription packaging are more likely to get continued subscriptions and attract new customers.

Decoding the subscription boxes

Subscriptions are not shipped in plain boxes for two most important reasons; first is that the standard boxes may not comply with product specifications and secondly, these might not work to engross customers.

Successful subscription boxes entail the following attributes:

  • A robust box structure including apt dimensions and shapes.
  • Protective layering and fillings.
  • Informative texts conveying shipping instructions and brand contact details.
  • Other vital marketing content.

In case the subscription packaging fails in any one of the above thresholds, the brand risks losing customers, sales, and potential profits. Among the important attributes mentioned above, the one that truly decides the fate and growth prospects of the business is the protective gear.

Custom boxes


We are about to find out.

The importance of protective boxes

Irrespective of the subscription service offered, if the content is not delivered in functional forms, customers won’t be convinced to keep up with their subscriptions and the business can squeeze out within its first year of operation.

A lot of annual costs are also assigned to refunds and replacing damaged products. Crafting protective boxes is a must to build a reliable brand image and maintain healthy bottom lines among other benefits.

Keep reading to know what you can do to improve your subscription boxes and make them more safe and dependable.

  1. Correct measurements

When you sit down to craft your branded packaging, the basic task is to involve your products’ requirements. Why is it necessary?

The fact is that boxes often undergo damages and accidents when they are either too big or too small for the intended products. You must have noticed that the most effective subscription boxes are the ones that fit perfectly with the products.

Custom shapes also help to keep the products in their true state throughout shipping. These help to often save on using extra box materials and fall pleasantly on the pockets too.

  • Packaging fillings

Numerous fragile items are shipped using the right amount of box fillings. These can include bubble wraps or simply using thicker box cuts. The latter is cost-effective and also environment-friendly.

Corrugated and cardboard materials are popular for their flexibility and strength. So you can create custom boxes that are affordable yet customized according to the products. Additionally, custom inserts can help too. These are cut out according to the item or items. All the product parts can be packaged in one box and held in place using custom trays.

  • Safety precautions list

What most brands don’t realize is that the subscription boxes can also be made damage-proof using guidelines printed on top. Marking the products as sensitive and fragile works to favorably affect logistic chains.

Certain products require set temperatures and these can be conveyed on the boxes so the handlers and customers act accordingly. Brands can either print on the boxes directly or use custom sleeves, labels, or stickers to put these details out there in readable formats. Ensure that you pick simple and clear fonts, colors, and language to get the messages across.

  • Printing QR codes

The subscription boxes aren’t just at risk of being damaged, they are also exposed to theft. For this reason and for tracking convenience, it is a good idea to place QR codes on the boxes. They don’t take up much box space and can store heaps of info to save on printing all of these on the packaging

So if you lose shipments, you can just track the delivery details and recover items. Imagine the amount of refunds saved by such codes! These instill brand loyalty among customers who trust the brand for being reliant and responsible.

Retailers also prefer boxes that make their life easier. They can just scan the boxes to store the relevant product details. QR codes offer better and safer inventory management, making them relevant to product protection.

  • Add protective accessories

One other protective element can be robust box seals. Quirky locks made from the box materials and shapes allow for better product protection while maintaining costs.

Custom printed shipping boxes often come with handles. These assist heavier items that need to be transported using lifting aids. Brands have the option of adding on a handles made from sustainable materials or creating side pockets.

Offbeat box seals often lead to customer excitement regarding unboxing. They would positively review the brand online and spark higher subscription sales. You can conveniently brand all the sealing accessories including the tapes, locks, and handles for smart marketing. 

All these gears form a strong layer on the general subscription boxes that provides much-needed assistance during shipping and storing. So, your brand would pop into the customers’ heads when they search for suitable subscription brands.

Furthermore, the cost savings would ensure that your budgets remain manageable with affordable yet strong packaging that reduces accidents and damages.


Giving your subscription custom boxes a makeover with protective features is not that difficult after all! The given tips are sure to benefit your total costs and brand repute.



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