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5 Best Data Analysis Tools You Can Use For Free

Data analysis tool doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective. These free tools can help companies gain new insights and make valuable predictions from a variety of data sources.

Data analytics is becoming increasingly important for businesses as it allows them to extract insights from a sea of data. Companies can gain exceptional insights with analytic tools to organize different data sources.

Businesses have many options when evaluating data analytic tools, but finding the right one is tricky.

So, we’ve reviewed dozens of providers to find the best free data analytics software. After considerable research and analysis, we’ve put together 5 best data analysis tools for you to consider below.

#1. Orange

Orange is an open source data analysis and visualization tool. developed by the University of Ljubljana. The tool is able to extract data via Python scripts or visual programming in a terminal window. Users can explore statistics, deepen their data with decision trees, and linear projections.

Instead of coding, the graphical interface of Orange allows users to focus on exploratory data analysis. The tool also includes machine learning components to extend the data mining functionality. These external data sources includes, natural language processing, and associative rule mining.

Orange supports Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

#2. DataMelt

DataMelt is a platform for statistical analysis and scientific visualization of large data sets. It is primarily used in scientific, engineering and financial modeling and analysis. The platform supports several programming languages, such as Python, BeanShell, Ruby and Java.

The free version of DataMelt includes many of the basic functions needed to extract, analyze and visualize data.

The tool runs on Windows, Linax, macOS and Android operating systems.

#3. Tableau

Tableau Public is a data analysis and visualization application that allows users to publish interactive data on the web. The free version of Tableau is limited to 1 GB of storage space and 1 million data points. Tableau Public has become one of the most popular data analysis tools due to its simplicity and intuitiveness.

Tableau Public is able to export data from Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, CSV files, and Json files. Users can create interactive graphs and maps that can be shared on social networks or embedded in public websites. Tableau Public can be downloaded for Windows and macOS. Tableau is easy to understand, but businesses need special training to invest successfully.

#4. OpenRefine

OpenRefine, formerly Google Refine, helps organizations manage unstructured data. Google stopped supporting the project in 2012, but the app is still available and volunteers regularly update it. OpenRefine can perform various operations on data to make it more suitable for analysis and study. The tool also allows users to retrieve data from external web services to compare and integrate data from different sources.

OpenRefine is not the best tool for processing large datasets, but it is still a valuable option for many organizations.

Available for download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

#5. KNIME Analytics Platform

KNIME Analytics Platform is designed to help businesses manage data through visual programming. The software includes hundreds of modules and ready-to-use examples, so the users can identify potential insights in it. It also provide an integrated set of tools to predict the future using machine learning.

KNIME enables organizations to map the links between activities instead of writing code. The tool also supports the combination of data from text files, databases, documents, images into a single visual workflow. The KNIME analytics platform is open source and is updated with new versions every six months.

It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux devices.


Data storage is very important for any business. But there are many tools for storing potential business intelligence data. So, it is important to find a data consultant who can help you determine your business needs before choosing the best data analysis tools.


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