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3 Sports Teams That Celebrate Saint Patrick

Although sport has become a mass phenomenon, it continues to drive culture in some regions in many ways. Sport is not just a game, it is passion, values ​​and, in some way, traditions and identity.

What is a football club without a culture and values ​​that accompany it? Practically nothing, since it is essential that a social mass feel identified with those colors.

Regardless of where they are, 스포츠중계 clubs are no strangers to their roots and therefore have dates marked on the calendar that represents practically everything they are.

Among some of the dates that are symbolic for some sports clubs and that, in part, are their reason for being, in this KKTV99 post we are going to talk about Saint Patrick and his influence.

Teams with Saint Patrick influence

Boston Celtics

Probably when we think of the combination of St. Patrick’s and sports, the first thing that comes to mind is the Boston Celtics. This team is one of the world references in basketball and, in addition, one of those that champion Celtic culture worldwide.

The Boston Celtics are the team with the most titles and games won in the NBA. Its relationship with Celtic and Irish culture is closely linked to the roots of the city of Boston, where there is a significant percentage of citizens of Irish descent.

Regarding Saint Patrick’s Day, the t-shirts in tribute that they wear on the day or the week of March 17 are very famous to commemorate their roots. Other teams like the New York Knicks also commemorate this day with special jerseys.

Celtic FC

Another of the teams par excellence that best represents Celtic culture and celebrates St. Patrick’s Day is Glasgow Celtic. This Scottish team, founded in 1887, represents the Catholic community of Glasgow and, in all the symbols projected by the club, shows its affinity with Celtic culture.

His shield represents the coveted four-leaf clover and his kit is green and white, just like the colors that represent this culture.

Celtic FC is one of the most successful teams in Scottish football and, although they don’t usually do it with special shirts for the occasion, they also celebrate Saint Patricks Day. Normally, they organize some act, event or party at Celtic Park, the team’s stadium.

Shamrock Rovers Football Club

Finally, we could not finish this list without mentioning an Irish team, since it is the birthplace of Saint Patrick’s Day. In Ireland, and that is related to this holiday, Shamrock Rovers FC , located in Dublin and competing in the first Irish division, stands out above all.

This team, which is the one that has won the most titles in Ireland. Projects its identity towards the symbols that represent Irish and Celtic culture. Such as the shamrock or the green and white colors of its kit. He also represents it in his name, as Shamrock means clover.

Patrick’s Day is also celebrated by this football club, which participates in some events and acts that are held in the city of Dublin to commemorate this special day.



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