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3 Practical Ways On How To Get Popularity On Your YouTube Channel

Many people have chosen YouTube as their career option, earning considerable money for their living. However, if you also want to become a YouTuber, you have to grow your channel. Because of competition on these social media platforms, it is very hard for new users to gain popularity.

However, you can do many things to gain popularity on your channel. It does not include buying super cameras, pro cameras, and other studio equipment, which might cost you money. Instead, there are many simple steps by which you can easily improve your content. 

Learn to create better video content

To become famous through YouTube is all about content. The better content, people will approach you more. Therefore, you must shoot the type of videos the users love watching. You also have to share, up vote, Comment, and add to the watch list.

  1. Develop your ritual – One thing you should always include in your video is the signature move, phrase, greeting, or dialogue. These things are catchy, and your fan would love to watch them. For example, you can include funny videos of your pet around your house; they can be a little personal but funny for people to watch.
  2. Start a series – One of the best ways to represent yourself on YouTube is by presenting a series. Before selecting a topic or selecting a specific date and time for your video, you must conduct a question and answer session for video viewers. This might help you to select a special time and specific type of content.

After that, you must keep a regular schedule to engage your audience with thrill and excitement because you will hook them up for a specific time and date, which day will wait until your video comes.

  1. Stay in trend – Staying up in trending and keeping up with the trend is hard, but if you work hard, it won’t be very hard for you. First, you must research what kind of topic is currently trendy in the YouTube community. Apart from this, watching breaking news about social media trends, pop culture, and many more things would help you select a better topic.

Uploading a video on the latest topic would increase your chances of getting your video trending. Furthermore, once your video is popular, it will help you to buy YouTube likes organically.

Share a personal story.

Sharing a personal story about your struggle and whole career will help you to connect with your user. People always love to watch people struggle, fail, and have victory and upbringing. This will help them to be motivated, and if your story can inspire them, it would be the perfect opportunity for you to gain popularity. Below are the things that you can do and share your personal story.

  • You can talk about how hard it was to find creative content
  • How your family was against you becoming your tuber
  • How you had to face stress and anxiety at the starting days of your career

These few things will help your audience get motivated with your personal story, so it would be ideal for you to share your videos with your audience.

Collaboration with other creators

Collaboration is the most common thing today, and YouTube often does that to support each other. For instance, if your channel is less popular than others, you might ask them for help. This will also help you to gain popularity on YouTube through their channel. There are various ways to collaborate, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Collaborating through ideas – If somehow you cannot find content, then you might ask for help from others created to provide you with content that can be good for your channel.
  2. Collaboration through videos – You can even ask other you tuber to make a YouTube video together on their channel. So that other users can also see what kind of content you have. People in the YouTube community help each other through collaboration. 
  3. Promoting channel – You can set a deal with a YouTube content creator to promote your channel for any next change; you will also do the same. This will help you promote each other’s channels and gain some organic traffic.

YouTube has a strict policy against a user who takes the help of fake likes, comments, and subscribers. There are many websites where you can easily buy YouTube video likes, but this kind of practice is an idol for you. YouTube policy does block these kinds of users and even restricts their YouTube channel from posting any kind of video. YouTube can be a good source of income, and hard work is the only key to success. You must follow these steps to make a successful channel and enjoy getting popular.



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