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Top 10 Things to Look for in a Hair Dryer – A complete guide

If you are also looking for a hair dryer, then it is essential that you should consider few things. As per my opinion, it is not possible to choose one particular product, as every hair dryer has its own pros and cons. So, here is the list of things that you need to check before buying one.

1. Power

It is a basic requirement to check the power of the dryer. If you are searching for a lightweight and portable one, then it is better to go for low power option. In case you want to use it frequently, then it is better to opt for a high power option like 2000 watts hair dryer.

2. Durability

The next thing to do is to make sure that the hair dryer is made of good materials. If it is made of poor quality materials, it will not work properly. Make sure that you check the material carefully. You can also check the specifications of the product. This can help you to make sure that it is durable. Some people think that cheaper products are the best ones to buy. But, in fact, it is a very bad idea to buy cheap products. You may find yourself with a lot of problems later on. You will have to spend more money in repairing the dryer. If you want to buy a reliable one, consider buying an expensive one. It will last longer.

3. Noise

If you want a silent hair dryer, then it is recommended to go for the low noise option. If you want a quiet hair dryer, then the best option is to buy a cordless one. Because they are compact and equipped with small motor which create low noise while running.

4. Temperature

The temperature setting is very important as it will decide how fast the hair will dry. It is recommended to go for a higher temperature setting as it will save time and it will also make the hair look glossy and soft. The hair dryer with highest temperature setting are also good option if you are a regular hair stylie changer.

5. Speed

It is also necessary to check the speed of the dryer. The slow speed will help to dry the hair more effectively and it will also make the hair shiny. The fastest setting will blow air faster which will make the hair dry faster.

6. Design

It is important to check the design of the dryer. It is recommended to go for a simple and elegant design. The best option is to buy one that is ergonomically designed and light weight. If you will buy a bulky hair dryer your hands might be tired during operation.

7. Price

It is important to check the price of the hair dryer as well. It is not recommended to buy by visiting one website. You should search online to buy good deal. You can also visit unbiased product reviews sites like datbeauty. You will see many options with their price tags. You can also get good tips and best products recommendations from these types of websites.

8. User-Friendly

It is recommended to go for a dryer that is easy to use and user-friendly. It is important that the dryer should be easy to control, so that you don’t have to struggle while drying the hair.

9. Warranty

It is recommended to buy a hair dryer that comes with a warranty. It is important to buy a hair dryer that has a 2 year or 1 year warranty as the cost of the product is expensive.

10. Attachements

It is recommended to go for a hair dryer that comes with a styling attachment. A hair dryer with multiple attachments can be used for different types of hair styling. The different attachments can be used to create different styles, such as a straight style or a curly style. The attachment can also be used to add volume to the hair.


All in all, it is a common thing that you will find a lot of different options when you are looking for a hair dryer. As I have already mentioned that it is not possible to go for one particular product, so it is better to compare different products to make the best choice. If you are looking for a good hair dryer, then I am sure you will find some useful information in this blog.



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