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Best Architecture Services to Meet Your Expectations

Getting started with a big project calls for some real architecture service. There are many different services in this field, depending on the kind of task you want to get done. Here’s your guide to architecture.

Primary Elements of Architecture

Building a structure depends solely on conceptual elements before they take shape and become suitable for inhabitation. Four basic elements are elaborated to attain a form and serve its purpose. The elements are:

  • Point
  • Line
  • Plane
  • Volume


A point is the primary element of any design. It doesn’t have length, width, or depth. It only marks a position in space. Since it lacks dimension, it is projected vertically to mark a position in the space. More than one point is required to get a finite length.


A line is an extension of points. It has length but no width or depth. Unlike a point, a line can be used to visually express direction and movement. Even though a line has only one dimension, it has enough thickness to become visible.


Two parallel lines are required to illustrate a plane. There are three generic types of planes in the world of architecture–

  • Overhead plane
  • Wall plane
  • Base plane


Conceptually, a volume can be described as something that has three dimensions; length, width, and depth. It can either be a portion of space defined by walls, ceiling, and floor or a quantity of space replaced by mass.

What Does an Architecture Service Consist of?

Architecture is more than just designing. It is all about comprehending the nuances of a structure and implementing the layout accordingly. The services include design, documentation of the construction, and administration related to construction. They provide many other services apart from the main ones like feasibility studies, managing projects, and architectural programming.

Here’s an outline of what architects do to get your project done the best way–

  • Project Establishment-

This stage is where your project plan begins. You will have to share your needs, dreams, and goals with your architect to attain the desired goal.

  • Schematic Layout-

At this stage, your architect prepares initiatory design representation to provide clarity on your requirements and budget while illustrating possible options. After reviewing these options, the architect will discuss the merits with you.

  • Developing the Design-

This phase is an aftermath of the schematic design you agreed upon. In this stage, your brief layout will be refined to present you with the scope and quality of the finished project. While bearing the budget in mind, your project can take a turn towards the required adjustments, and how sharply it complies with your financial estimate. 

  • Construction Documents-

After selecting the appropriate design concepts, your architect will prepare a detailed construction document. This includes written, pictorial and graphical documents that describe the design, location, and physical aspects of your building. These documents are essential to obtain building permits and bids. It is further required as a guide to the construction contractor.

  • Negotiation-

Your architect can help you with the selection of a proper contractor by evaluating the bids and preparing the contract between you and the contractor.

  • Construction Administration-

You can get the necessary advice from your architect regarding your construction. They make sure that the construction is proceeded by the contract. They also pay on-site visits to administer the construction on behalf of both the clients and the contractor.

Some of the additional services that an architect can provide are–

  • Project Management
  • Site Selection
  • Programming
  • Interior Designing
  • Building Condition Audits
  • Site Representation
  • Contract preparation for multiple purposes and so on.

Contact professional architects to get the best architectural services that make the grade.



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